Winston Hero


Name Winston ‘Hero’
Descriptor Clumsy
Type Glaive – Intensive Training
Focus Wields Dangerous Cyphers


Tier Effort XP
2 2 0


Pool Type Max Edge
Might 15 1
Speed 16 2
Intellect 7 0


Name Type  Description
Minor Effect Enabler A Cypher you find is exceptionally small and easy to use, providing an Asset on use rolls.
Major Effect Enabler The Cypher you use has a larger area of effect than normal or lasts for twice as long.
Aim True (1 Speed) Action You toss a Cypher with a grenade-like effect to any location or against any target within Long distance. 4 Damage
Careful Treatment (Enabler) Roll 19 You handle Cyphers with care, allowing you to hold one additional Cypher slot. Enabler.
Dumb Luck Roll 20 The GM can introduce a GM intrusion on you, based on your clumsiness, without awarding you any XP (as if you had rolled a 1 on a d20 roll). However, if this happens, 50% of the time, your clumsiness works to your advantage. Rather than hurting you (much), it helps, or it hurts your enemies.

The GM can use GM intrusions based on your clumsiness normally (awarding XP) if she desires.

All Armor 1 Poison Point / Action Can use Light, Medium and Heavy armor
All Weapons 1 Poison Point / Action Can use Light, Medium and Heavy weapons
Thrust (1 Might / Action) 2 Intellect / Action to Initiate +1 Damage to bladed attacks.
Opportunist (Enabler) 2 Intellect / Action You have an asset on any attack roll you make against a creature that has been attacked at some point during the round and is within immediate range.
Successive Attack (2 Speed / Enabler) 3 Intellect / Action If you take down a foe, you can immediately make another attack on that same turn against a new foe within your reach. The second attack is part of the same action. You can use this fighting move with melle attacks and ranged attacks.


Limit: 3
Name Level Type Variety Effect
Instant Wings 6 Backpack Anoetic  When activated, silken wings pop out of this backpack, allowing the wearer to glide (if falling or leaping from a height) for great distances, moving a long distance each round, and landing safely on the ground. The wings last until the wearer lands or for one hour, whichever comes first.
Detonation (Living Metal) 8 Metal Sphere- Short Range Explosive Anoetic Explodes in a short radius, spraying shards of liquid metal that inflict damage equal to the cypher level. The shards then drop to the ground or other nearby surface and slither along toward the point of detonation, where they rejoin. This process takes about three rounds. If it is not somehow prevented, the detonation explodes again, inflicting 1 fewer point of damage than before.
Living Solvent 8 Canister containing slime Anoetic  Once released, this organic slime dissolves 1 cubic foot of material each round. After one round per cypher level, the slime dies and becomes inert.


Skill Level
Self Depricating +ve Social Interactions Trained
Breaking Inanimate Objects Trained
Balance Inability
Grace Inability
Hand to Eye Coordination Inability
Jumping Trained
Medium Bladed Weapons Specialised


Armor Might Cost Speed Re.
2 [Brigadine]


Weapon Ammo Modifier Damage
Broad Sword  –  -2 DR (Skill)  4


Shins 95
Equipment Clothing
Shield (-1 DR Speed Defence)
Explorers Pack

50ft/15m of rope, 3 days rations, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, three torches, and two minor glowglobes


Type Description
Oddity Rose made of indestructable glass