University of Doors Enclaive

Turn every key. Open every door. Step through into your future.

Students with nimble fingers and a deep understanding of structures can specialize in concrete arts such as lock-picking, passage discovery, and architectural synthmonogry. Those with language and mechanical skills may peruse their interests in password recovery, panel repair, and security features. Numenites will find their passions met in our training on missing door retrieval, distance travelling, pocket doors and planal transition, as well as in our Passageway to the Stars programe. Those with interests in exploring less tangible doorways – those of the human mind or the meaning of life – may also find a place in our hallowed corridors.

University of Doors Recruitment Excerpt

Magister -Abernaphie Hinklebottom – Quantum Flora

Magestrix Lyss – Shadow Heard Mythology

Magister Amburn – Quantum Flora