Investigation Report: Tizard Children & The Fae by Sir William Knox, 1911

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Title: The Re-emergence of the Unseelie Court & The Reclassification of the Fae
Sir William Knox
Department: Queen Mary I Archives
Field/s: British and Celtic Mythology
Academic Subject/s: Fae / Unseelie Court / Tudor Kingdom
Investigator/s: Sir William Knox – DOSA
Photographer: Tiziano Bianchetti – SoNF
Investigation Date: March to June 1911
Location/s: Tizard Residence & Rodborough Common, Stroud, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire
Investigation Subject/s: Rose Tizard (10) & Violet Tizard (12)
Final Report Date: June 27th, 1911

Preface Report

Established Lore: The Fae Kingdom and Fae Courts

  • The Dark Fae Court is ruled by Queen Mab.
    • This court is associated with enchanting Queen Mary I.
    • The court is associated with a sickness similar to scarlet fever.
  • Children do not need to use fae ointment on their eyes to see the fae.
  • Fae folk have personalities similar to that of children and have been documented to be drawn to them in a form of unconcious or concious kinship.
  • The Fae realm is divided into two courts
    • Sellie (Light) court ruled by Queens Titania
    • The Unseelie (Dark) Court ruled by Queens Mab
      • It is believed that Queen Mab’s court, or at least her part of the Fae realm is linked with Helheim and the infernal and daemonic.
        • Helheim, or Hel, Hell, the underworld are similar synonyms although there have been no historical accounts of ties between the Fae and infernal magiks.
  • They have a similar governmental structure to that of feudalism.
  • Although there is no societal distinction between the Fae, they can be classified by the colour caps or garb and their associated behaviours to retain the colour of their cap.
    • If a Fae was to lose the colour of their cap the result is fatal, they each have specific ways to ‘refill’ this colour.
    • Red: Fighters – Restored by human blood- Blue: Miners – Tin or Iron, Yellow: Tricksters – Gold or gems, Green: Nature – Flowers and animal offal, Brown: Household – Vegetable peel and animal bones, Grey: Water – Human Bones, Black: Death – human tears, White: Ensorcellment – human flesh.

Established Theory: Fae Realm and Dimensional Superpositioning

Queen Mary I encountered Queen Mab and the Unseelie Court as a child. The first interaction is usually almost fatal, showing signs of symptoms similar to that scarlet fever.

To survive this illness the child bargains their fertility to the Queen, granting her the ability to sire children once more. The child usually knows nothing of this bargain or if so, the importance of what they have done.

Queen Mary I became a close ally with Queen Mab and conspired to unify the two realms, the Fae and Midgard in both politics and reality. Dr John Dee at the time theorised as to the eventual outcome of such an event, in summary:

Destruction of a cataclysmic scale as the Fae realm and the principles and laws of its existence clashes with Earth’s physics tearing both realms apart and leaving one superpositioned on the other. Eventually, for an unknown period of time, the superpositioned dimension transmutes the loser, reconstituting the very nature of its existence into matter and energy native to the dominate world. During this process, reality will fray leaving both realities susceptible to destructive distortions. The eventual result has four possible outcomes.

Dr Dee’s Proposed Outcomes

  • The superpositioned dimension survives intact, the point of impact has been closed, the principles of reality are returned to normal. The transmutation process halts, leaving the latter reality in a state of flux, eventually tearing itself apart……
  • The superpositioned dimension survives intact, the point of impact cannot be closed it is in a state of flux. The principles of reality are in a state of stable flux. The transmutation process continues are a slow decay, providing enough extra energy to support the fluctuating principles of the superpositioned dimension. If stabilised, dependent on the process, the prime and secondary dimensions can be saved (see below)
  • The superpositioned dimension survives intact, the point of impact survives intact and the secondary dimension survives intact. A stable portal is created at the location of the ritual. Dependent on the process there are variable outcomes:
    • An increasing radius of reality in both areas of the portal are weakened creating a blending of both their principles but not matter or energy.
    • The process permanently fuses both realities. Principles of the both universes flux until a median is created, the size of the eventual landmass is dependent on the process, catastrophic if blending both realities as a whole but manageable in pockets. Portals in this area may lead in an out of either reality.
    • A veil, akin to that to the realm of Valhalla opens up. However, it stabilised and gargantuan in proportions, cutting a swathe across England and slicing her in two.
    • The superpositioned dimension collapses, the point of impact remains unstable, the secondary dimension collapses. Both dimensions enter entropy in mutual cataclysmic destruction.

Observations and Findings

The children have encountered the Unseelie Court from a young age. Exposed to potentially Whitecaps, Greencaps and Browncaps.

  • Evidence of Browncaps and Greencaps. Fae Mounds have been found in the property grounds with both household waste and flowers drained of their colour.
  • There is no physical evidence of Whitecaps

After spending some time with family and the two children in particular I noticed a curiosity in their behaviour. When discussing the Fae folk who they had befriended, each seemed to have their own personal fairy.

  • These entities would act as not only translators for the children but would guide them on what their Queen wanted them to do to make them into princesses. This idea is a regular pretext to the pact; however, the level of individual interaction is quite different to what is currently.
  • General Theory: The child, wishing to be part of the court and fae goes along with the ruse until they have made the deal. It was assumed they acted independently of this, but perhaps Whitecaps have enchanted the children. It was at this point I was struck with inspiration.
  • These whitecaps act similarly to that of the Arabian Quarin. A personal Djinn, or Jinn/ Genie. These entities would also act as personal guides, with some actively trying to corrupt their human counterpart into damnation.

I was also told that the younger child had suffered a form of scarlet fever, a notable precursor to allying with the Fae Folk. However Rose does not remember any sort of deal being struck, a fact that can be confirmed as she was unconscious throughout her illness. If her illness was cured by her sister instead making the deal, this would explain the events leading up to my departure.

The older child, Violet had begun talking of her coronation as princess. She had maintained her belief in the Fae from a young age and throughout her sister’s illness that conviction had grown stronger. I had caught her many times talking to herself, writing in an unknown script before throwing the paper into the fire. She had proclaimed that a year and a day after her sister was cured, she was to be crowned Queen of England.

Three days before I left the household, on the day decreed by Violet, she disappeared. There was no evidence that she had managed to wander off of her own accord. There was evidence of foul play and an eyewitness saw her leaving the village on foot heading into the woods with a slender figure, possibly in baggy clothes or robes.

Police investigation after I left the area has yielded little results. One or two articles of clothing of the young girl have been found in Rodborough Common but she remains a missing person. The official case is believed to be coming to a close, a suspect, a known child abductor and mentally unsound man has been arrested in connection and awaits trial.


Violet has been taken by Queen Mab by some unseen way. She has made some sort of deal with her in exchange for her sister’s life. We believe her actions were influenced by Whitecap Fairies. The description of them by Rose, as well as their actions and abilities align themselves with the Arabian mythology of personal genies that influence and guide humanity. No further action was taken. The family was given a contextually believable debrief and I departed. The last attached photographs show the family burying the ‘body’. I believe that over time, Rose will believe the accepted truth. Rose, however, seems to show signs that she may still be in contact or in danger but regardless seems to not believe in the currently accepted truth. Her parents ensure me they will try to find her a better way to ‘cope’ with grieving for her sister.

Future Research Proposition

Based on the findings in the enclosed files, alongside initial framework research. I, Sir William Knox believe the Fae are a descendant or a subspecies of Arabian Djinn. I request permission to research Al-Batrāʾ with archaeologist T.E.Lawrence about the possibility of this, researching the specific links between Fae Realm and Djinn.

I will be seeking research into the mysterious Greycaps. There is a theory that the Fae folk were an ancient race, perhaps elemental and prehuman. Djinni is said to have been formed alongside man. If my theory is correct then I will try to prove using extremes. As Greycaps are water based and the Djinn are generally fire based, if similarities between the two became conclusive this would change the very natural of our understanding of the world.

This leads me to my second request for a fishing boat, funding and a false identity to observe the practices of an enclave of Greycaps on St Catherine’s Island, a small tidal island linked to Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The fortification on the island is home to Redcaps, Whitecaps and Yellowcaps but given its proximity, this is the only location where Greycaps may be observed without obfuscation.

I, however, recognise the closeness of this petition in regards to the disappearances and deaths of the Vanguard of 1870 / 80s’s and the research into the Nabateans. All due process will be adhered to. If this theory proves correct these findings may shed light on those events and we will finally have our answer.

In relation to the subjects based on the actions of Ros, and the commonality of children to conflagrate memories if given the motive; I ask that the Tizard family, especially the young girl, to be monitored frequently for any further contact from the Unseelie Court.