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A farily new village to the Broken Forest. Fair Harbour was once founded by criminals but now finds iteself at the center of the fight against The Corruption. It’s villagers are seeking ways to unite the disparate factions and unite them and has since become a safe haven within the forest for those who are lost or have turned their backs on their past.


Mayor Nancy Patricia Cromwell – Thaecielian Human Cleric of Chauntea

Varic – Dwarven Barkeep of The Demon’s Drum.

Lady Amana Ironhammer – Dwarven Barmaid & Thaecielian Royal Spymaster / Resistance Leader.

Windswept Flower – Wood-Elf Guillie, Chosen of Angharradh & wife of Warden Keolith

Serena Vargeihst – Shopkeeper & recent divorcee.

Haldir Woodvale – Human farmer, recent divorcee & avid gardener.

‘Pancakes’ Derra – Human baker & old school romantic.

Throgan Aenfal – Queen Ironbeard’s counsin & Vrael Olo member.

Argus Birdam – Human blacksmith & Dwarven enthusiast.

Kyrai – Aarakoran Librarian & assistant to Lady Amana.

Creel – Deep Gnome Alchemist & assistant to Lady Amana.

Herber – Human tanner and party animal.

Jack – Outcast Orc from the Nightstalker Tribe, dreams of a unified tribe.

Mirdin – Ex Thaecielain Wood-Elf bureaucrat & reluctant woodcutter.

Frobisher – Dohwar Holy Requisitions Office, Fair Harbour Office.

Cherry – Part time shopkeepers assistant & was replaced by a polymorphed orc for a time.

Brandy – Aptly named barmaid & twin of Cherry.

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The Demon’s Drum – Owned by Varic, the heart of the Village

Mayor’s House – Mayor Cromwell’s abode and office of law

Serenna’s Shop – New Dwarven trinkets now in stock.

Under the Skin – Tannery and home to the only hot tub in the village.

Birdam’s Steel – Blacksmith specialising in Dwarven armourments

Fair Harbour’s Library – Headquarters to the Thaecial Royal Resistance.

Town Hall – Official and unofficial meetings

Dohwarh Offices – Frobisher’s home and Dohwarh contracts

Woodvale Farms – Main provider of food and resources to the village

Fair Harbour Crypts – Recently built for all racial pantheons.

Hetcher’s Shack – Cleansed of The Corruption, Mirdin’s sorrow.

Abandoned Lumber mill – Birthplace of the Red Jester and many childhood nightmares.

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The Arrival of Thaecielian Convicts – Seeking refuge against persecution and to continue their illegal activities, a group of Thaecielian criminals banded together to found a village deep within the Broken Forest.

The Making of the Village – The local Yuirwood Elves, who claimed the wood the humans were using as their holy right, helped the humans build their village. However it is believed that the villagers tricked Chief Timberrock sparking of animosity between the two villages. Thus leading the Elves to only protect themselves against gnolls raiding the forests and for Fair Harbour’s lumber rights to be severely restricted and constantly monitored.

The Breaking of the Village – During the subsequent years it became apparent that criminals and convicts weren’t the best foundations for a village. They struggled in all faculties, barly surviving. In-between famine and infighting, Gnoll raids from the east started to cripple the village. Over time the village was nearly brought to its knees on multiple occasions.

The Growth of the Village – In time, a Cleric of Chauntea, Nancy Cromwell found herself passing through the Elven holy lands. She knew nothing of the village but sought to understand the exotic and unknown nature of many of the forests plants and animals. Her focus changed however, when she saw the villagers starving and their farms barren. Under Chauntea’s guidance and divinity, she helped the village to survive the harsh forest and for the villages to reform themselves to grow into better people.

The Founding of The Demon’s Drum – With the village now stable, others soon arrived. Most sought escape or refuge. Most came from Thaecil, due to the clouds of civil war looming over the kingdom. A few came from the region itself. The most notable was that of a Dwarf named Varic. The Dwarven Kingdom of Donragh was thought to be forgotten. The locals knew of stories but also believed the tales. Varic was living proof Donragh existed but he would never discuss his past. He founded the Demon’s Drum after making improvements to the shack that was there before. In comparison to the Mayo’s strict ruling, Varic and the Demon’s Drum has become almost a counterpoint to her.

The Corruption Spreads Inwards – Although one of the most recent additions to the forest, the village has had its fair share of experience with The Corruption. Their children have been exposed to it via a board game called Castle’s and Crusaders, the birthplace of the Red Jester. Hetcher Hackle, their woodcutter became corrupted and fled into the forest. The people of Fair Harbour see The Corruption as their fight as much as anyone else and will defend the region to their last.
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Recent News


  • Granny’s Fire Wine was brought to Varic and Pancakes who adapted the recipe to create Dwarven Fire Brandy.
  • Dwarven Trade Contract was Secured from Queen Ironbeard of Donragh.
  • The Dohwar created a local office for their Holy Trade Empire.


  • Joint effort between priests and priestesses of various racial pantheons created and blessed a crypt for Fair Harbour.
  • The human gods have tried to recruit various humans and half humans to assist them via a portal to this realm disguised at the Mayor’s dog. The latest of these enteties being Tyr and Sune.

The Corruption

  • Woodcutter Hetcher Hackle was exposed to The Corruption and left the village.
  • Children of Fair Harbour were exposed to The Corruption and died due to the exposure
  • Cherry was replaced by a polymorphed Orc in an attempt for the Death Coven  lead by Granny Grisslegums to extend their powers in order to kill all life in the region in hopes of stopping the spread of The Corruption.
  • The Red Jester was born from a child’s boardgame, The Corruption and the minds of children and adventurers.
  • Alchemical defences were installed beyond the living barrier by the Royal Reistance.


  • A gnoll raiding party attacked the village, a house was burned in responce.
  • The Royal Resistance secured its headquarters in the library
  • After a village meeting that was interrupted, an eventual allegiance was formed between Fair Harbour and the Fae Alliance.
  • The Gillies of Yuirwood created a living barrier around Fair Harbour for its future protection a gesture of allegiances.
  • Fair Harbour now recieves regular ‘tributes’ to the Warden from The Motherblessed Kuo-toa slavers of of Aelin Lake.
  • Throgan Aenfal was installed by Queen Ironbeard of Donragh as a diplomatic envoy.


  • Serena left her husband for Pancakes the baker.
  • Haldir tried to commit suicide.
  • Keolith became Warden of Fair Harbour and was commemorated with a statue.
  • Keolith Married Windswept Flower of Yuirwood for both love and poltilical reasons.

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