The Broken Forest





A landscape wracked by a cold war between Donragh Dwarves and Yuirwood Elves, exposed leylines and seismic activity continuously shifting, altering and destroying the landscape and the threat of a returning demonic invasion to finish what it once started.  Can the people of Fair Harbour unite the region before they all become easy prey for the armies of The Corruption?

Custom Rules:

Leylines Exposure:

Players: On a double Nat 1 [Adv/DAdv] are exposed to leyline magics.

Players: On a Nat 1 called out by Twitch chat are exposed to leyline magics.

NPCs: On a Nat 1 called out by players or Twitch chat are exposed to leyline magics.

Leyline exposure causes a roll on a D10000 table of wild magic surges.

Exposures are cumulatiuve and mutagenetic.

On 5, 15 and 30 exposures a player or NPC rolls on a D1000 mutations table.

Chat Interaction:


Description of leylines and commands.


Cost: 200 Research Points

Causes an NPC or PC to roll for leyline exposure on a Nat 1.


Cost: Free

On a Nat 1 OR Nat 20, change a dice roll of an NPC or a PC to that value at viewer discretion.


Cost: 200

Roll on a table to give the cast an item for their group loot.




Kevlannan – Half – Wood Elf Sorcerer

Flin Oakmire – Wood Elf Fighter

Dathwehn Gemcutter – Deep Gnome Cleric, Wizard, Runescribe

Tofur Thousandiron – Mountain Dwarf Rogue

Boska Rumnaheim – Mountain Dwarf Cleric


The Coven of Death, ruled by Granny Grisslegums, plans to sacrifice the daughter of the Cheif of Fairharbour, the Priestess of Angharad and Kevlannan’s betrothed. They believe by defiling the ‘Fountain of Life’ into a source of necromantic energies at the Temple of Angharad and sacrificing her priestess there it will trigger a wave of necromantic energy. Resulting in the death of all life in the region and thus ending the spread of The Corrpution.



Glory – Human Cleric

Keolith- Golaith Fighter

Alderon –  Half Woodf Elf- Ranger

Nemisae Durdael – Half-Drow Monk, Rogue

Krieg – Deep Gnome Wizard


The Kingdom of Thaeciel gave birth to Fair Harbour in its way, as its founders were escaped or fleeing criminals. Now the King has been overthrown by his lords, particularly that of Lord Ondska who now rules the land as a tyrant. Lady Amana Ironhammer, The Royal Spymaster hid away in Fairharbour staging the resistance. She has learned of the Vrael Olo and their experimentation with magics and science to produce supersoldiers to fight the corruption. She has sent two former royal knights to ally themselves with the Vrael Olo’s leader in the Drow capital Eyrendlyn, Talice Shulubar in hopes of gaining the syurm.