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TG Episode 6: Explosions, Hipster Cafes and Drugs

Last Time on Traitors Gate Summary: The group were sent to Qi by  Thorin under the instruction of Vaxxor’s Rache’s lead tactician, Sokar. They were given offocial robes and told to follow her instructions. The boat from the Sanctum… Read More

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Season 3: Episode 3 – We’re All Going to Qi

The group is sent to Qi, to hunt down a mysterious tome on the black market.


Season 3 Episode 2 – Let’s Break Some Doors!

Last Time on Traitors Gate Applications were accepted and Fitz and Winston are separated into two separate rooms and interviewed by some high ranking members of the Convergence. Eventually after some lines of questioning they are left alone… Read More

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Season 3: Episode 1 – Fitz and Winston Join the Team

Get up to speed on everything that happened on Traitors Gate – S.3:EP.1