Character Dossier – Episode 1

Featured Image by Monte Cook Games: TM and © 2016 Monte Cook Games, LLC. Introducing the following new characters to Traitors Gate     PC: Mr Stibbons Description: A man who heralds from a far away land, now lost… Read More

Glimpse into Utterdark - M0AI - Deviantart

Season 3: Episode 1 – Fitz and Winston Join the Team

Get up to speed on everything that happened on Traitors Gate – S.3:EP.1

Creating a New Convergence

Season 3 of Traitors Gate starts within the Empty Sanctum, a base of operations for the Convergence in the Steadfast. In the source material the Convergence are, in essence, one of the primary facilitators of an antagonist with… Read More

Intitiate Introduction

Welcome to the Convergence Initiate