The New World, Same as the Old World

There is at least one thing I am grateful for. I know my place. Ever since Anrudiel returned from his ‘heroics’ everything has gone up in the air. I’m not sure as to what will follow but at least it still continues as it unfortunately always has.


Putting Fair Harbour on the Map

It’s been difficult to really get a grasp on how much has changed. Only a few weeks ago Fair Harbour was isolated, trade was far and few between. We weren’t starving and we weren’t getting sick but we were only barely making it. Now the place is starting to get better, finally. This little seedling of a village is slow growing but hardy.

Announcing D.O.S.A

The Department of Statistical Anomalies aka D.O.S.A is our new Call of Cthulhu 7E show. We’ll be broadcasting every Monday, starting this Monday (30/01/17) at 18:30 UCT.

Commision: Auspar by Jeff Brown

Chapter 1:2 – Cause and Effect

It’s the sixth day of the Cascade ritual and for the missing Princess to return, two must be sacrificed.