• The College of Doors

    A group of unwitting students are pitted against the return of malevolent forces, long since cut off from the Prime.

  • The Community One-Shots

    If you’d like to get involved with our one-shots as a player get yourself signed up here, come join us on Discord and get to know the community, your new GM and your fellow players. If you’d like to run a game for us, get in contact either via Twitter: @therpglab or via therpglab@gmail.com or via Discord.

  • The Test Chamber

    Each week a panel of guests will discuss their gaming experiences relevant to a different topic each week, answering your questions and homebrewing up something for you to use at home.

  • The Deadman’s Trail

    A group of strangers has been invited to a remote mountaintop to bury someone that they thought they knew very well. However, each and every one of them knows a different person. They now follow his path to the truth and perhaps something equally as dangerous.

  • The Shattered Gods

    Rumors spread across the desert of Salazar with madness in his eyes and the name of the Sundered One ringing in his ears. If Sandcarver is right and Salazar has discovered a way to find the First Old One and restore it, it could be the end of all existence. Can Sandcarver’s team save the realm from utter destruction before Salazar destroys them first?

  • The Inquisition

    In the Dark Ages of Thaeciel as the Kingdom was birthed, its protectors were known as The Inquisition. The lands were lawless, dangerous and filled with the unholy. Five commoners have entered the Great Cathedral and have left as Inquisitors, what tales will they tell of their first adventures outside the enclave? Only time will tell!

  • The Space Station Otranto

    The City of Otranto once resided on the ocean of a planet known as Tera. It however unwittingly trapped a spacefaring soul, known to its citizens as The Sun Demon. Its rage destroyed the civilization, but after the millions of years that the city lay dormant, it was inhabited once again. The Demon returned with its rage and flung the city into the inky black of space. Those remaining on board are barreling surviving, unwittingly heading towards the Sun Demon’s home.

  • The Broken Forest

    A landscape wracked by a cold war between Donragh Dwarves and Yuirwood Elves, exposed leylines and seismic activity continuously shifting, altering and destroying the landscape and the threat of a returning demonic invasion to finish what it once started. Can the people of Fair Harbor unite the region before they all become easy prey for the armies of The Corruption?