Sera Kray – Character Sheet


Name Sera Kray
Descriptor Drunk
Type Jack
Focus Who Entertains


Name Type  Description
Liquid Courage 1 Might / Action Consume an entire bottle of alcohol. Next two hours.Trained in balance. You gain 1 armor Might & Int (Stacks). Asset to speed defense rolls. Twice per day
Dry Spell Enabler 1 Day Sober: all tasks one-step more difficult.
2 Days Sober:  two-step impediment.
Minor Effect Roll 19 Enchant target. Remains enchanted as long as you focus all your attention.
Major Effect Roll 20 The target is forever favourably disposed toward you.
Levity Enabler Trained in all social interactions other than those involving coercion or intimidation.
+1 to Party Recovery Rolls
Gather Rumors 1+ Intellect / Action When you’ve spent a couple hours in an inhabited urban environment about the size of a town or larger, the GM must tell you one rumor that pertains to the community. Instead of applying Effort to decrease the difficulty, you can apply Effort to learn additional rumors, with each level of Effort revealing one more rumor.
Pierce 1 Speed / Action You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage. Sharp point weapons.
Far Step 2 Intellect / Action You leap through the air and land some distance away. Anywhere you choose within long range if you have a clear and unobstructed path to that location. You land safely.


Tier Effort XP
2 2 3


Pool Type Max Edge
Might 17 0
Speed 17 2
Intellect 12 0


Limit: 2
Name Level Type Variety Effect


Skill Level
Flex: Perception Trained
Persuasion Trained
Coercion Trained
Intimidation Trained
Might Defence Trained
Awareness Trained
Cunning No Skill
Resolve No Skill
Animal Handling Trained
Formal Interaction Inability


Armor Might Cost Speed Re.


Weapon Ammo Modifier Damage
 Bow  12  –  4


Shins 94
Equipment Clothing
Explorer’s pack
light tools
Theramin – Instrument
Cigarettes (12)
Matchsticks (10)
Flask – Rum


Type Description
Oddity A slab of clear synth that encases a dozen items, most of which appear to be fossils of some kind. There is writing in an
unknown language beneath each item.