Title Picture by Steven Belledin – Magic the Gathering

A small society of Wood Elves who were sent by their gods to the Caledellera, to cleanse it of the destruction wrought by the Dwarves and regrow it into a lush forest. They are as part of the forest as the trees and take an infraction on ‘their’ land as an act of aggression or stupidity.

Current NPCs

  • Anrundiel Timberrock – Elven Leader
    • Not a fan of pretty much any races encountered within “his tribe’s” forest. Has been feeling frustrated due to the return of corruption as he has no way, personally, to combat it.
  • Nerivaris – Elven Priestess
    • High Priestess of Angharradh in training. Daughter of the chief and girlfriend of Wood Elf Kevlannan. Knows a blessing that can turn herself into a focal point for the divine magic of her goddess, curing corruption and vaporising herself. Her father has kept her under constant watch to stop her from reckless self-sacrifice, which has now increased.


  • Fair Harbour – Due to Chief Timberrocks personal vendetta against humans – after being cheated in a game of cards by the founders of Fair Harbour (notorious criminals from Thaecil ) over 100 years ago – his influence has instilled his prejudice into the Yuirwood elves. A relationship only made worse by the recent actions of adventuring parties from Fair Harbour.
  • Donragh – Although the sworn enemy of Yuirwood, the war between the two people never started. Like most other races, Yuirwood elves would rather insult and block contact with the Dwarves rather than take up arms. Their opinions have not changed since Cheif Timberrock became leader


  • With the reemergence of the corruption and the possibility of it spreading. Chief Timberrock has ordered the Gillies (Forest Wardens) to search out any possible way to turn back the tide once more.
  • The site of the Temple of Angharradh may have been found. It is the source of a long lost ritual and blessing found in ancient Gillie totems to fight the corruption. The temple is a possible source for new totems.