Leylines & The Corruption

Title Picture by Jim Nelson – Wizards of the Coast 


Ley Lines are the conduits of raw magic that crisscross underneath the ground. The conduits help in the cycle of magic consumption and dissipation. Most are located so deep that no living being could come into contact. The magic is highly dangerous and can cause random magical effects and eventual permanent mutations.

New Features

  • Ley Energy can now carry the corruption.
  • Ley energy can now create entities imbued with magic


  • Ley lines are naturally occurring channels of raw magic or ‘wild magic’. Previously thought to be its own distinct form of magic.
  • Ley magic is reaching saturation point in the ground.
  • Ley magic is now becoming ambient.
  • Pockets of ley magic are now on the surface
  • These pockets are formed from new fissures which are now becoming more common.
  • These pockets are miles wide in all directions and blanket certain areas of the Broken Forest.  

The Corruption

Spreading from deep within the bowels of the Underdark when they were first exposed, the form this demonic corruption takes is that of fungi and mycelium. Its first appearance was a precursor to a demonic invasion alongside converting the surrounding woods and wildlife near the Underdark to fungal forests. Nobody knows where the corruption originates but has recently started spreading out from the Morvian and Mhoar Fungal Forests one again, possibly heralding another demonic invasion.

Current NPCs

  • Myconids

New NPCs

  • Vegepygmies

New Features

  • Corruption can now travel on ley lines


  • The spawn of the corruption has been found to not only be sentient but also controlled by a greater intelligence.
  • Although demonic in nature, it is a form of divine magic. The corruption is specifically a twisted form of ancient magic, that of soul magic, which only the gods can control.
  • The corruption can spawn various fungal creatures, most of which show a high intelligence and individuality.