Title Picture by Casper Konefal – Dragon Age Inquisition

The Dwarven citadel of Donragh is perceived by anyone outside of the Broken Forest as long forgotten and abandoned. This cannot be further from the truth. The dwarven civilisation thrives underground without any need to come to the surface.

Current NPCs

  • Queen Ironbeard – Leader of Donragh
    • The newly crowned Queen Ironbeard has stirred up a lot of conflict among the older gentry and noble families. Her inclusive ways and the ‘forgiving’ of the Elves has garnered her support from the younger generation, but the old guard has seen this either as an act of naivety, or plain stupidity.

New NPCs

  • Morna Forgestone – Dwarven Ghost
    • Discovered in the Son’s of Ruvalk hold in the Irador Mountains, Lady Forgestone is one of the last remaining spirits of the first and last ever expansion expedition. Her leader- Prince Doric, son of the First King of Donragh, King Rurik – brought her and his private followers to the northern mountains where an enchanted compass told him he would find his heart’s desires. This eventually corrupted him and the second Kingdom fell apart and into obscurity.
  • Throgan Aenfal – Queen’s Cousin and Dwarven Bard
    • The Queen’s cousin is known throughout Danrogh as a womaniser and fantasist. He sings songs and tells tales of wild and dangerous adventures. None of which he has gone on, to everyone’s knowledge. Most recently he was a prime suspect in a politically motivated murder.
  • Commissioner Gydrom Kurzak – Dwarven Guard
    • The leader of the entire Dwarven Guard. Old and slightly infirm, he is known for his old-fashioned views on gender, power and politics.
  • Lord Belgrudain Turabal – Dwarven Noble
    • Actively plotted against Queen Ironbeard. Orchestrated the murder of a Drow delegate so undermine the Queen’s authority and destabilise relations between the two kingdoms.
  • Kolgrak Zuldagthal – Dwarven Kingpin
    • The biggest crime boss in Donragh. Assisted Lord Turabal. Has yet to be caught.
  • Nurast – Dwarven Forger
    • Famed for his attention to detail and exacting standards. Was brought in for questioning during the murder investigation.


  • Fair Harbour – Mayor Cromwell’s initial petition for trade was met with a stern and almost impossible qualifications to it but a trade was established. With the help of adventurers from Fair Harbour, Fair Harbour, and by extension humans are now seen more favourably.
  • Yuirwood  – The sworn enemy of Donragh, Yuirwood has stayed out of the hearts and minds of most of Donragh for over fifty years. Most have simply buried their hatred for backrooms and close friends but younger generations are willing to at least talk to Yuirwood.


  • Lady Chessintra Arkenvir was assassinated by the malicious efforts of Lord Belgrudain Turabal. The criminal was found by visitors from Fair Harbour.