Sven Narrkonis


Name Samuel Narrkonis
Descriptor Artificially Intelligent
Type Nano
Focus Employs a Cutaneous Interface


Name Type  Description
Limited Recovery Enabler Resting only restored Intellect. Might and Speed require repairs
Inorganic Enabler Cannot be effected by the vast majority of Numenera restorative devices. Cannot be effected by effects that require organic systems unless effects neurochemistry. Can be disrupted by effects that affect inorganic or inanimate objects
Minor Effect Roll 19 Cutaneous Interaction + 2 Intellect
Major Effect Roll 20 Cutaneous Interaction + 4 Speed
Inorganic Allergen Enabler Ambient Information Transmission. All interactions and abilities are one step more difficult around Numenera devices that transmit data or areas with a constant link with the Data-sphere.
Connectivity  1 Speed / Action You connect with a Numenera non-intelligent machine technology within Immediate range, allowing you to access its usual menus or abilities by tapping glowing buttons and symbols on your forearm, though actually using these menus still probably requires a Numenera skill roll of some kind. This connection lasts for ten minutes or until you are more than Long distance from the device.
Signal Scan 2 Speed/ Action You scan an area up to Long distance away for any numenera devices you could interface with through the Connectivity power.
Machine Interface 2 Intellect /Action The difficulty of discerning the level, function, and activation of powered numenera devices that you touch is decreased by one step for one minute. Enabler.
Resonance Field 1 Intellect / Action to Initiate Faint lines in a color you choose form a tracery over your entire body and emit faint light. The effect lasts for one minute. Whenever a creature within immediate range makes an attack against you, the pattern energizes to block the attack. You can make an Intellect defense roll in place of the defense roll you would normally make. If you do so and you get a minor effect, the creature attacking you takes 1 point of damage. If you get a major effect, the creature attacking you takes 4 points of damage. Action to initiate.
Mind Reading 4 Intellect / Action to Initiate You can read the surface thoughts of a creature within short range of you, even if the target doesn’t want you to. You must be able to see the target. Once you have established contact, you can read the target’s thoughts for up to one minute. If you or the target move out of range, the connection is broken.


Pool Type Max Edge
Might 7 0
Speed 17 0
Intellect 21 2


Limit: 3/3
Name Level Type Variety Effect
Awareness Enhancer 2 Headband Anoetic When applied to a device such as a cypher or an artifact during daylight hours, the patch increases the effect of the next use of the
device (such as providing additional damage or healing equal to the patch’s level, increasing the distance from close range to long range, and so on). When applied to an expired device, the patch repowers it once, allowing it a single
additional use.
Deployer (Athmospheric) 3 Shoulder Mounted Launcher Anoetic Once initiated, the device collects the
most widely available atmospheric aerosols within long range (such as drit dust, water droplets, pollen, bacteria, or smoke). It brings those aerosols together in a whirling tornado that centers around the device itself. Anything in close range of the tornado takes 6 damage.
Flow 2 Liquid Anoetic Enables the user to move more rapidly by harnessing momentum gained from movement. Once per round, when the user takes an action to move, she gains another action that she must use at once. She can use this action only to move. The effect wears off after one hour.



Skill Level
Numenera Trained
Positive Interaction with Organics 2 x Inability
Cunning Trained
Awareness Trained
Resolve No Skill
Interaction with the Datasphere Trained
History Trained
Deduction Trained


Armor Might Cost Speed Re.


Weapon Ammo Modifier Damage
Implanted Forearm Blade  –  -1 DR  2


Shins 9
Equipment Robes
Book of Numenera


Type Description
Oddity Round Pendant with a blinking red light that syncs with spikes in brainwave activity.