Questing System

To find the killer of Vaxxor, his lackeys and research assistants must band together to uncover the clues to their master’s murderer and to eventually become one to exact revenge.

The questing system is in place to show allegience choices players have made, with each comming with their own unique bonus while effecting their standing with others.


  1. Each research department has an ally, a ‘nemesis’ and an associated Guild.
  2. Each department and guild has four quests.
  3. Upon completing a quest, players will receive a reward and increased standing culminating in nomination.
  4. Players need one Magister or Magestrix to support before approaching others, players need 10 out of the potential 18 to take become a Magister or Magestrix and ultimately take revenge.
  5. For every quest completed players will gain a rank with the respective NPC’s research department.
  6. For every completed quest for a Magister or Magestrix, players will receive individual ranking.
  7. For every completed quest for a Guild Representative, players will receive ranking with the respective research department, but can apply to any Magister or Magestrix.
  8. For every completed quest for a Magister or Magiestrix, players will loose standing with that research department’s “nemesis”.
  9. For every completed quest for a research departments ally, players will receive ranking with the respective research department, additionallyt if all party members pay an additional 2XP each standing is also increased in allied research department, but can apply to any Magister or Magestrix.
  10. No physical reward can be earned twice if standing is lost and gained.
  11. Skills gained from ranks cannot be lost due to lower standing.

Department: Artificial Intelligence:
Ally: Automata
Nemesis: Bio- Chemistry
Associated Guild: The Archivists of Brethsid

Department: Automata
Ally: Bio-Necrotics
Nemesis: Bio-Augmentation
Associated Guild: The Silver Palm

Department: Bio-Augmentation
Ally: Bio-Chemistry
Nemesis: University of Doors
Associated Guild: The Order of Truth

Department: Bio-Chemistry
Ally: Artificial Intellgience
Nemesis: Automoata
Associated Guild: The Whisper Network

Department: Bio-Necrotics
Ally: University of Doors
Nemesis: Artificial Intellgience
Associated Guild: The Women of the Crystal

Department: University of Doors
Ally: Bio-Augmentation
Nemesis: Bio- Necrotics
Associated Guild: The Rings of Melch