The Shattered Gods


Professor Sandcarver has dedicated his entire life to researching The Old Ways and specifically their gods. It is believed that the First Old One was erased from history by those that followed, those it created. Little is known about this entity but it is believed that it was initially their host and then their prophesied destruction.

The Old Ones that followed were that of Day and Night, Life and Death, four primal forces that found the First Old One a threat to their very existence. It is believed that these Old Ones colluded together to dismember the First to protect themselves. The First could not be killed as it was the end of all existence, but it could be separated. In doing so the Sundering of the First created the Sundered Wastes in The Syrun Deserts. The event destroyed the mountain range from the north to the south. These are the tales told by the desert dwellers of Syrun and belief in The Old Ways is now only held by a few.

Sandcarver’s interests attract many to the region, including that of his oldest friend Dr Salazahr. After an unfortunate event, Salazar’s reputation was destroyed and his academic life ruined. He disappeared without a trace into a dark depression. Now rumors spread across the desert of his return with madness in his eyes and the name of the First ringing in his ears. If Sandcarver is right and Salazar has discovered a way to find the First Old One and restore it, it could be the end of all existence.

Custom Rules:

  • The Desert Sun:
    • PC’s not adapted to desert life will have to endure the oppressive and dangerous landscape. Spending too much time in the deserts can be fatal.
  • Madness:
    • PC’s have an additional sanity ability score mentioned in the DMG. The Old Gods are powerful and their words and actions were not meant for mortals to bare witness. For most minds, this can twist into madness.
  • Rivals:
    • The PCs are not alone in their quest, they are against a group that wishes to complete the same goals faster. If they can’t catch up or be the first there will be dire consequences.

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