The Inquisition


The Show


Edmond Dantes- Warlock of the Grave

Badu Risql – Gloomstalker Ranger

Niko Gloriosa – Whispers Bard

Open Spot

Open Spot

The Game:


In the Dark Ages of Thaeciel as the Kingdom was birthed, its protectors were known as The Inquisition. The lands were lawless, dangerous and filled with the unholy. Dark forests blanketed the Heartlands the Outerlands bordered onto the open ocean and The Caladeleria. To the north lay the Hinterlands, a mountainous valley far from the reach of the capital.

It was here that the Inquisition lost many members. It became harder to send groups into the unknown, knowing that they were not likely to return. Soon the impact was felt not only in their depleting strength but also depleting reserves of gold. For their protection services came at a cost, a tax. Those in the Hinterlands had received the Inquisitions help but none had returned with the gold they owed.

The last group sent there has again not been heard from. The Heartlands was suffering due to the amended patrols and missions. It was now critical to protecting the lands closest to the capital than risk further investment to the furthest reaches of the Kingdom. That was the official line.

A new group has been sent, a last attempt to recover the bodies, recover the gold and bring the villages under the wing of the Raven Queen and Thaeciel’s King. Each member of this group are Inquisitions but mostly in name. Their darkened pasts have marked their name and tainted their future. Their crimes compared to necromancy, monsters from hell, twisted creatures beyond understanding. So they have been given one last chance, to return alive, with the mission complete. Only then will their name be cleared and title reinstated but as they have gathered, The Inquisition holds little hope for their survival.

Custom Rules:

The Raven Queen’s Gift:

PC’s do not need to fear death for the Inquisition follows the Tenants of The Raven Queen. When a PC is brought to 0 HP by whatever means, they will suffer a minor injor or cosmetic damage, but it will remain permanent. When a PC is ‘killed’ or fails their saving throws they will suffer a major/debilitating injury or superior cosmetic damage, again, permanent.


PC’s have an additional sanity ability score mentioned in the DMG. The Hinterlands are full of superstition and beliefs in The Old Ways. To some minds, this can twist into madness.


PC’s have an additional reputation ability score that is shared between the group. As they venture deeper into the Hinterlands their reputation will spread, for better or for worse.

Chat Interaction:


Cost: Free

List details of exchanging research papers into gifts for players.


Cost: 250

Give a player a regular or cursed trinket, you will also name this item. They have three additional attunement slots for these items.


Cost: 500

Give a player a regular or cursed weapon, you will also name this item. They have three additional attunement slots for these items.


Cost: 250

Give a player a regular or cursed armor, you will also name this item. They have three additional attunement slots for these items.


Cost: 200

Roll on a table to give the cast an item for their group loot.


Cost: Free

On a Nat 1 OR Nat 20, change a dice roll of an NPC or a PC to that value at viewer discretion.


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