The Inquisition


In the Dark Ages of Thaeciel as the Kingdom was birthed, its protectors were known as The Inquisition. The lands were lawless, dangerous and filled with the unholy.   Five commoners have entered the Great Cathedral and have left as Inquisitors, what tales will they tell of their first adventures outside the enclave? Only time will tell!

Custom Rules:

The Raven Queen’s Gift:

PC’s do not need to fear death for the Inquisition follows the Tenants of The Raven Queen. When a PC is brought to 0 HP by whatever means, they will suffer a minor injor or cosmetic damage, but it will remain permanent. When a PC is ‘killed’ or fails their saving throws they will suffer a major/debilitating injury or superior cosmetic damage, again, permanent.


PC’s have an additional sanity ability score mentioned in the DMG. Theciel is full of ‘sinful’ superstition and beliefs in The Old Ways. To some minds, this can twist into madness.


PC’s have an additional reputation ability score that is shared between the group. As they progress thoughout their training their reputation will spread, for better or for worse.


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