The Company


The Twin Shires used to be home to the mostly peaceful gnomes, who worked with both old and new cultures to secure and support their region while forging new alliances. Then the Halflings arrived and took everything from them. Since then the Twin Shires have been under Halfling rule and most are tricked by the publicity given out.

The Halfings, for their own reasons are manipulators of sorts, and most visitors that come to this place believe the lies they are told. The Twin Shires are not a haven for outcasts, the underappreciated or the lost, no, it’s a catch all phrase for indentured servitude as soon as your captured as you cross the border. Races from all over the land find themselves in desperate situations, only to find that they end up at the mercy of Halfling law.

In Shoniur, a ‘free city’ on the cost, far from the capital city of the Twin Shires is a shop, a shop that has been around since anyone can remember, a shop now run by five individuals who have no idea what they have inherited or how dangerous their lives have just gotten. In the meantime, they must survive the cutthroat world of the Metricious, find rare and exotic goods alongside hopefully rich loyal customers, and most importantly make a profit.

Custom Rules:

  • Downtime:
    • PC’s are in a constant state of semi-downtime. As such the focus of the narrative is shifted onto more micro-narratives and personal journeys.
  • Delving for Profit:
    • PC’s will mainly be exploring the city of Shonuir for goods and services but if they want to find the rarer items, they will have to venture out into the Western Isles and find it themselves.
  • Making Ends Meet:
    • The PCs are reasonable for the management of the shop. If expenses, contracts or other business obligations are not met, things will start to be come infinitely more complex with the clear possibility of loosing their jobs and the business, ending the campaign.

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