Medieval (7)The Show


Arthur – A Protective Glaive Who Absorbs Energy

Berril Snobber – An Impulsive Seeker who Moves like Cat

Yvette – A Naive Jack Who Wields Two Weapons

Tegan: A Meak Jack who Conceals the Truth

McMarvin: A Manipulative Glint who Makes Something out of Nothing

The Game:


An island once worshiped the Goddess Magai until the Sun Demon burned their minds in a jealous rage. Soon her followers died out and the island fell silent and everything was forgotten. That was until the island was resettled and the legends and the gifts of the Goddess rediscovered. A utopia formed only to be usurped by meritocratic Volan family who traded gold for access to the Goddess’ gift, Tears of Magai and became powerful enough to somehow become the royal family.

The utopia became divided by skill and wealth as both could provide access to the Goddess but others fell underfoot and cast out to the edges of the city near the deadlands, the undead Ghila and the monsters of the sea. The current Volan King has announced his abdication and his four vile children have allied themselves with selfish and wrathful families a bid for the crown but will the people survive?

Chat Interaction:


Cost: 200 Research Points

Roll a d20 in Twitch Chat.

Nat 1 – CHOOSE: Player of choice suffers a GM Intrusion OR Group suffers a GM Intrusion (NO XP)

17 – CHOOSE: Player of choice finds a Cypher OR an Oddity

18 – CHOOSE: Player of choice gains +2 on their next roll OR Player of choice gains -2 on their next roll.

19 – Minor Effect – CHOOSE: Player of choice gains an asset on a single roll of their choice OR Player of choice has a penalty on a single roll of your choosing.

Nat 20 – Major Effect- CHOOSE: Player of choice gains 2XP OR Player of choice suffers an intrusion of your choosing modified by the GM.


Cost: Free

On a Nat 1 OR Nat 20, change a dice roll of an NPC or a PC to that value at viewer discretion.

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