Mason Palmer – Character Sheet


Name Samuel Watkins
Descriptor Driven
Type Nano
Focus Consorts with the Dead


Name Type  Description
Necromatic Esoteries Enabler  If you perform esoteries, those that would normally use force or other energy (such as electricity) instead use deathly energies. For example, your Flash esotery is a blast of cold, life-draining energy. This alteration changes nothing except that the type of damage is different, and it harms only living creatures.
Minor Effect Roll 19 The animated creature adds 1 to all rolls, or the target is dazed for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment.
Major Effect Roll 20 The animated creature adds 2 to all rolls, or the target is stunned and loses his next turn.
Speaker For the Dead 2+ Intellect / Action You can ask a question of a dead being whose corpse you are touching. It can’t answer questions that it wouldn’t have understood in life, and it can’t provide answers that it wouldn’t have known in life. You might need to interact with it in a way that would have convinced it to answer while it was alive. For each additional Intellect point you spend when you activate the ability, you can ask the being an additional question.
Onslaught 1 Intellect / Action You attack a foe using mental or physical energies, you must be able to see your target in short range. Physical Force Ray – 4 points of damage. Mental Force –   2 points of intellect damage.
Scan 2 Intellect / Action You scan an area equal in size to a 10-foot (1-meter) cube, including all objects or creatures within that area. The area must be within short range. Scanning a creature or object always reveals its level  You also learn whatever facts the GM feels are pertinent about the matter and energy in that area.
Necomancy 3+ Intellect / Action You animate the body of a dead creature of approximately your size or smaller, creating a level 1 creature. It has none of the intelligence, memories, or special abilities that it had in life. The creature follows your verbal commands for one hour, after which it becomes an inert corpse. Can reanimate expired corpse, any damage taken when expired applies to new state. Additional undead creatures for each additional Intellect point you spend.
Light Blade 2 Intellect / Action Emit a thin beam of light at immediate range deals 5 damage. It can also slice 1 foot through objects that are less than 1 foot thick.


Tier Effort XP
2 2 0


Pool Type Max Edge
Might 10 0
Speed 12 0
Intellect 22 2


Limit: 6/3
Name Level Type Variety Effect
Solar Reviver 2 Sticky Bendable Patch Anoetic When applied to a device such as a cypher or an artifact during daylight hours, the patch increases the effect of the next use of the
device (such as providing additional damage or healing equal to the patch’s level, increasing the distance from close range to long range, and so on). When applied to an expired device, the patch repowers it once, allowing it a single
additional use.
Mind Module 3 Small Metal and Synth Plate Occultic This cypher must be attached to another cypher or artifact (a level 6 task). Once attached, it no longer counts against a character’s cypher limit. The cypher or artifact it is attached to is now possessed of its own telepathic machine intelligence and can function on its own, obeying verbal or telepathic commands. For example, a detonation can be told to explode whenever someone in a particular uniform comes near. A windrider can be commanded to fly to a location on its own. The module cannot be removed from the device without destroying both the module and the device.
Wish Disk 10 A set of metal disks nested within
each other
Occultic The user states a change in reality that she wishes to have happen, and it—or something very like i —occurs.
Light Binder 5 Explosive Anoetic Two rounds after activation, the device explodes in a short radius. All light in the area (any place in the area illuminate by light or dim light) becomes solid, trapping everything in the area in place for one minute. Nothing in the area can move, and nothing from outside the area can enter it until the effect ends. Rend ring any area dark, such as by blocking a source of light, frees anything in the darkness that was affected by the device.



Skill Level
Numenera Skilled
Intellect Defence Trained
Flex – Trained
Awareness No Skill
Cunning Trained
Resolve No Skill
Appraisal – Numenera Trained
Perception Inability


Armor Might Cost Speed Re.


Weapon Ammo Modifier Damage
Dagger (Short Range)  –  -1 DR  2


Shins 38
Equipment Clothing (suit)
Book of Numera
1 ring
2 Silver Palm Coins
Painting of Neave


Type Description
Oddity A leather belt with metal plates that glow faintly with light.