The Olo


  • The Vrael Olo was created when Drow thinkers saw the potential in Yuan-Ti physiology to be distilled and transferred to another host.
    • The word Vrael Olo means Favored Ones in Yuan-Ti
  • While experimenting with the natural gifts given to the Yuan-Ti, hybrids were created.
    • To get to this point other races were brought in, so hybrids come in many forms.
  • Those that show features of Yuan-Ti physiology are considered to be higher ranking than others with the more Yuan-ti attributes they have, the higher on the hierarchy they are.
    • The Yuan-Ti serum is highly prized and rare, it is kept for promotions and celebrations only.
  • After mastering the serum, the Vrael Olo turned their gaze to other races and other magics.
    • Their success at mastering Yuan-Ti physiology and affinity for divination has given them blind faith in their own goals.
  • Their goals are to master both science and magic, turning the latter into the domain of the prior and with that, attain ultimate control.
    • The Vrael Olo seeks to save all life from the Sundered One by becoming the Material Plane’s new master.

Current Plot

  • A group of Vrael Olo scientists and mercenaries, some only just starting out their career within the organization have head to the frozen north to experiment.
  • The scope of the experiments are to see how the different tribes are affected by different stimuli and scenarios, designed, maintained and executed by a small group within the Northern Expanse.

Important NPCs

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