The Broken Forest


  • The Broken Forest has gone through two wars both involving the Demon Queen Zuggtmoy.
    • She created the plague known as the Corruption, a fungal infection that could spread to any surface, influding the soul.
  • The Dwarves and the Wood Elves fought as individuals during the first. With them and the additional factions of the forest in the second.
    • The forests and the mountains are littered with unused traps and untested battlefields.
  • During the second war, alliances were tested and factions turned on each other while the war raged on.
    • The region was united under the banner of Fair Harbour, but not with eachother, as soon as Fair Harbour was safe, they turned traitor.
  • Alliances and other politics regressed to that of pre-war but with the added infrastructure and facilities of trade and defenses.
    • This region is essentially landlocked by mountains and deadly forests, internal trade is one of hte only ways forward to develop commerce.
  • A Warforged Castle known as Castra came into the possession of The Jester, then The Marshall of Fair Harbour and now given to the Jester’s first patreonee.
    • This is believed to be the brain behind the Colossus of Sundering.
  • Dark forces during this time worked to help seed chaos and destruction.
    • Deuregar worked to help the Ley Entities and to destroy the Dwarves
    • Kolgrak Zugdakthal, a dwarven mafia boss was corrupted by The Void and he and his followers sought the help of demons and devils to reap the souls of mortals while the war acted as a distraction.

Current Plot

  • A Tempest Genasai had a vision involving Morganna (The Jester’s Daughter), Selwyn the brother to the Genasai and Kolgrak.
  • The group was sent to find out more information on Kolgrak and what threat he posed to Morganna and the Dwarves
  • Kolgrak and his allies kidnapped Selwyn and proved to be a bigger threat than first thought.
  • The Deuregar are impersonating Dwarves to gain access to Donragh and its technologies, recently boosted by the return of the legendary Donogur Locharn, an ancient dwarven vault maker.
  • The Deuregar are possibly not in control of their own actions as some have been to wearing or have had grafted onto them, metallic parts akin to warforged.
  • There have been discoveries that this affliction / transformation also appears to be effecting other organic life not just humanoid.
  • It is believed that a warforged soul, in combination with residual corruption magics along side a disease that solidifies the body’s metallic elements (The Ferro-Plague) have found a way to turn organic beings into Warforged hosts.

Important NPCs

  • Lady Amana Ironhammer – Arboreal Dwarf – Thaecielian Royal Spymaster and Royal Resistance Leader.
  • Winswept Flower – Woof Elf – Warden of Fair Harbour, Guardian of the Emerald Enclave and ex-wife of the Mashall of Fair Habour.
  • Throgan Aenfal – Mountain Dwarf – Queen Ironbeard’s Cousin and Vrael Olo Member
  • Creel Thisslewick – Ghostwise Halfling – Infamous alchemist and part of the Royal Resistance
  • Kolgrak Zuldagthal – Moutain Dwarf – Donragh Mafia Boss and Sundered Cultist
  • Nurast – Mountain Dwarf – Master Forger and Locksmith, henchman of Kolgrak
  • The Tea Lady – Sand Gnome – Demon summoner and henchman of Kolgrak
  • Donogur Locharn – Mountain Dwarf – Famous and presumed dead vault builder and alcoholic.
  • Iraena Zaurae – Drow – Jaded Vrael Olo Member and disguised as dead dwarven professor Gwinnis Durthek.
  • Sha’non – Drow – Highpriestess of Kiaransalee, vampire and leader of the Anatheon Cult in the Caladelera.