Second Born


Herald of The Deus Manifest [Protector]

The Aasimar are believed to be the reflections of humanity and their relationship with their spirituality.. Most believe in their own pantheon and thus the respective Aasimar are seen more as divine beings akin to angels. It has been known for Aasimar to be created from other pantheons although their human visage usually causes trouble for them.


  • Arboreal
    • The Arboreal Dwarves could, in some respects, be considered the Dwarven counterpart to the Wood Elves. However, they see their gods and nature as a way to develop and further themselves and their society. Their craftsmanship has turned from stone to wood and live high above the ground in treetop communities. Like many in the Northern territories, they are hunter-gatherers and revere animal as totemic spirits.
  • Ley-Touched [Deuregar]
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  • Dune
    • Although the Sand Gnomes may have created the foundations for Secondborn society in the deserts, the Dwarves have also played a vital role. Their affinity for runic magics and constructs might have been lost to their kin, they have retrained some of their ancient understandings and have found the deserts to be a treasure trove of both metals, magics and machines that their craftsmanship has now solely revolved around. They coexist with the sand gnomes but favor exploring the deserts to further their understanding.
  • Mountain
    • The Mountain Dwarves have long held traditions in both golomancy and rune-scribing but both have been lost to the ages although their influences can still be felt today. They have developed their society into crafters and academics, experts in siege-craft both mundane and magical. They are slow to trust other races due to their secrecy about a devastating event in their societies past


  • Desert
    • TBW
  • Drow
    • The Drow were exposed to the rest of the Caladelra when the Underdark canyons formed, forcing them to acknowledge the greater world around them. Their solitude has instilled arrogance and technological advances beyond the other races although their ties to their gods and aristocratic government ensures segregation and distrust of others .
  • Fey-Touched [Eladrin]
    • The Feywild Elves were not born but created in an explosion in the Marchlands, where the Feywilds bleed into the Leylands. They were once Wood Elves but the transference of Fey magic to themselves altered their personalities. Some have accepted this transition while for others, it has driven them to extremes such as madness.
  • Tundra
    • TBW
  • Wood
    • The Wood Elves believe that they are the true guardians of the forests. Their closeness to both nature and their gods leans them to a tendency of superiority to those that cannot understand their ways or cannot survive the harsh realities of the wilderness. Their stewardship of the woodlands leads many to live a life of solitude, protecting the forests from any threat at any cost.


The Firbolgs consider their society to be their defining aspect. They live in harmony with the forests and consider their woods as a member of their clan and thus only take what they deem necessary and ensure what they take is always balanced by what they can do to ensure the continuation of the forests.


  • Deep
    • The Deep Gnomes evolved out of the necessity to survive the subjugation and eventual subterranean escape from the dominance of the Halflings. Their affinity with the Underdark allowed their society to flourish defiantly under the Twin Shires, a fact they still proudly proclaim to this days. Some have found homes not only in the shires but also the bordering Western Isles distancing themselves further away from their mainland persecutors.
  • Forest
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  • Rock
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  • Sand
    • The Gnomish race has suffered many setbacks and hardships since they arrived in the Leylands although most have eventually found a place where they can flourish. Trade routes and ancient machines have helped build the gnomish society into traders and tinkerers. They now consider the deserts their true home and will fight with gold and machines to defend their new homelands. The Sand Gnomes prefer to live within the walls of their villages, and the town of Gnerome


  • Air / Earth / Fire / Water [1st Gen]
    • The Geansai are particular to the deserts and are not found elsewhere in the leylands. Since the Firstborn, genies were considered elementals, a byproduct of the creation of the Firstborn and call the deserts home due to the sands’ innate magics. The have married and consummated with many of the races that are found within the deserts resulting in the Geansai, some revere them with the same honour as the Genesis although others with disdain as their lineage stems from creatures that consider mortals nothing more than playthings.
  • Geode / Ignan / Plasma / Tempest [2nd Gen]
    • TBW




  • Headstrong
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  • Traditional
    • The Old Ones are seen to be aspects of the world around them, and the Goliaths see ‘spirits’ of everything around them. They are similar to the Old Ones but these are akin to household deities, embodiment of both the mundane and the magical and are entreated for boons and guidance. Some Goliaths however believe that relying on the unseen leaves their race infantilised and rely on self sufficiency and personal insight to survive the harsh realities of the world.


  • Imperial [Stout]
    • TBW
  • Pastoral [Ghostwise]
    • TBW
  • Colonial [Lightfoot]
    • The Halflings were the last of the Second Born and thus had no land to claim for their own. Instead they found the gnomes easy to manipulate and eventually betray to take their kingdom for themselves and have attributed their unnatural good fortunes as their reasoning. Since then they have become focused on their ‘superiority’ among the Second Born. Those within the city walls are believed to be descended from those that went to war with directly with the gnomes. Those that live in the forests, descended from the first vanguards and those that live outside the shires’ borders descended from spies and scouts.


The humans call Thaeceil the bastion of humanity. They have lived in this region since they have existed and have adapted well to both the plains, forests and mountains of the Kingdom. Although the further they are from the capital, their beliefs in their gods wane in favor of the Old Ones.


  • Highland
    • TBW
  • Lowland
    • The Lowlands Orcs see any territory they hunt in as their own lands and aggressively guard them from outsiders. Much like the Highland Orcs they have shamans but they preach violent hostility and intolerance. For them it is better to strike at their foe first rather than allow them to step foot inside their ever expanding and changing territories


The Tieflings have been confused with demons, devils and aberrations closely associated with the Sundered One. This view has left them subject to both racial hatred by both the Firstborn and the Secondborn although their heritage has no bearing on their society today. When The Sundering occurred, creatures that were designed to torment and return mortal races back to the Void were no longer controlled and were left to their own devices. This lead to interbreeding of different creatures with moral races creating a large variance in the Tiefling race. Due to their reception by other races they have contained their communities to the Western Isles where they can control who attempt to judge them and define them by their heritage. Those that leave their communities are sent out to bring back ways that would help develop their society to eventually denouncing the stereotype long held by other races.

Warforged (Mortal Made)


When the Feywild was introduced to the Leylands they were not initially part of the entropic cycle of existence and thus the Entropic Feywilds were created to balance it out. Those Fey that fell into the Entropics were subjected to a realm of constant change and destruction, an apocalyptic realm. The energy from the explosion ripped them of their wings but weakened the walls between the Entropics and the Leylands and all seek to escape their inevitable destruction but the void has left their mark on their appearance and damping the powers of the Old Old Ones around them emphasizing their connection to The Sundered One.