The Jester

You poor, unfortunate soul. Somehow, you’ve found your way to my part of the book and you’ve probably realised that everything else is a bit, well, you know… boring. Sorry about that, I hate to say it really but, oh I have an excellent idea! If you stick with me and well, you’ll see why I’m worth picking and yes that includes you multi-classers, give me a good old college try and we’ll make beautiful chaos.

Seriously though, you want to have me as a Patron, I’m basically an all-powerful bard so, oh yes, also maybe a little undead certainly mad so some of that might rub off. But come on, just take a look at my offers and you’ll see. There is certainly nothing quite like me. On a more serious note, mind controlling, killing or turning the lives of people upside down isn’t a joke, it’s better as a stand-up routine!

The Living Network

The Living Network has only one goal, control. Some consider it to be an alchemist’s experiment gone wrong, a druid gone mad or even some sort of demon, but it is a fungus non-the-less and you have made a deal for a share in its power. It is its spores and the shrooms they create are its weapons of conquest. Those that fall under the spore’s mind-altering effects find reality warped and their mind turned against them, their memories destroyed all in service to the Living Network and to see themselves spread their spores to others.

Many druids believe that the Living Network is possibly a fallen mad god of nature corrupted by its own desires or even the land itself rebelling against those that tread upon it. Either way Druids and others that revere nature fear these warlocks.