Arcane Arbalest

With advances in both golemancy and siege weaponry the thought occurred to some that the two ideas were better suited intertwined. As the two-handed bow became the hand crossbow, the golem became that the size of an arbalest. However, the complexities of the construct itself alongside the functionality and the skill needed to master a mundane arbalest, let alone an arcane one was beyond most.

Rangers however are uniquely suited. Although most find their companions in nature, there are some that have found constructs and contraptions far better company. As such the Arcane Arbalest see’s their bow and construct as a companion, much like a Beastmaster but without the mess.


The Jannai are the mortal counterparts to the Genies but unlike Genasai the Jannai embody and train with all four elemental attunements of their kin. This has allowed remote and sometimes unwelcoming tribes of Jannai to travel and survive the harsh deserts without need for a permenant home.

Rangers that find themselves under the tutelage of a Jannai should consider themselves part of a rare group of people welcomed by the tribe. Although the elements themselves are not the heritage of every ranger, the rangers’ inherent magical capability and understanding of the world make the study and mastery of the art possible, alongside promises to and contracts with the Genies and their Enclave.