Way of the Conduit

Your monastic teachings have taken you to the depths of the world itself and to the highest of spires in arcane institutes. You have attuned yourself to a ley-crystal or magical jewel that channels your Ki into influencing the ambient magic around you.

Those that study this in this way are sometimes treated the same as a Wild Magic Sorcerer but their discipline and focus has gained them access to places of higher learning to deepen their connection to the weave of magic. They tend to also find their affinity for crystals and jewels a profitable and possibly powerful benefit tend to be elaborately decorated in jewelry and arcane sigils. 

Way of the Dragon

In nearly all realms of existence Dragons are considered both one of the most dangerous and powerful creatures ever known. Some attract devout followers, others perverse cultists. Some are loyal to those they call kin and others shun all but themselves. Regardless of who they are, their power and magics are their very essence, and your monastic training has aligned your Ki with that of the dragons.