A Gladiator understands that combat is not just an opportunity to show superiority on the battlefield in combat but also in the very artistry of it. Sometimes confused with more martial bards, the Gladiator studies combat in almost the same way without the need of magic. Although most commonly found in towns and cities the gladiator truly shines as a spectacle fighter, spreading their fame and renown throughout the land with every broken bone and defeated rival.

Thrym Blooded

Fighters that relentlessly train in the harsh winters, the snow-covered mountains and the frozen tundra can find that they have sometimes unintentionally undergone a drastic change. A slither of magic bound in ice has grown inside these warriors granting them new powers. Some say that elementals, giants and gods are the reason the Thrym Blooded exist, but all can agree their chilling grasp is near inescapable.