Domain of Avarice

Currency and trade keep the hungry from starving, history from being forgotten and civilizations from crumbling. Those under the Gods of Avarice know gold’s true value. It can be disguised as a thing of beauty and excess, a way to balance inequality, to flourish and guild the devout or an ill-gotten resource that only the divine have rights to. There are however gods that see all as selfishly theirs and will do anything to attain it.

The gods of this domain are often considered universal to those that speak Metricious, the language of traders and craftspeople and are involved daily for those that seek profit and protection from loss.

Out in the wilds, these gods are invoked to guide the devout to lost treasure, to spread wealth to the worthy or take from the unrighteous. Such gods include Abbathor, Mammon, Nepthys, Shaundakul, Tiamat, Urdelen, Vergadian and Waukeen.

Domain of Secrets

Power can come in many forms, some wield it on the battlefield with weapons and armor, others from magics they control. Those that seek power over all those below seek the knowledge and understanding to control. Gods themselves hold divine knowledge that could save or condemn, and their knowledge only grows greater with every follower who joins under their name. Knowledge is power, but to control that knowledge, that becomes the truth.

Clerics of the Secrets Domain may find themselves charged with attaining information to disarm conflicts, to retrieve ancient tomes and scrolls from desecration or destruction or are charged with keeping the knowledge they have been imparted with to the grave and beyond. As a Cleric under this domain, you may find you god to be one of the following; Asmodeus, Azuth, Dumathoin, Grumbar, Ilsensine, Jergal, Mystra, Oghma, Saridor, Savras, Thoth, Urogalan, Waukeen.  

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