College of Epic Poetry

The College of Epic Poetry deals with tales of gods and monsters, heroes and villains. They are not only the record keepers of the world, but their words shape what future generations come to know and the weight of this responsibility is reinforced by the teachings of the College. There are those that seek to use these abilities to reshape the world to suit their own narrative but those few have yet to be caught by their very molding of the world.

A bard who trains in this college learn to observe every detail and record every fact, sometimes to preserve the past, others twist events to reshape and retell events under their control.

College of Liturgy

There are bards who sings songs in taverns for coin, some who charm others, tell tales of battles or corrupt the minds of their victims. The Liturgist uses their skills to honor their gods, their beliefs and those of others. To truly honor those by worship, there is, in their opinion, no better way to placate than hiring a Liturgist.

A bard who finds themselves as part of the College of Liturgy will find no unified college, in fact those that choose this college find their teachings in churches, temples and other such institutions. It’s not unheard of for choirs, itinerant preachers and traveling healers to find their actions going beyond their cleric abilities with their words and deeds becoming prayer in themselves.

College of Spiritsong