Path of Entropy

Ley Crystals in the region provide a variety of functions and power sources for spell casters and academics alike. There are some, however, that attempt to use these crystals without that understanding and most die in the process. Those that grow immune one way or another have found ways to warp the magics contained in a far more primal way.

Barbarians who draw upon these crystals find their rage all consuming, not just overwhelming for themselves, but for the magic around them. Ley Crystals have been known to negate magics and those magics are amplified by your raw power.

Path of the Halcyon

Barbarians who find solace in their rage begin down a path of understanding and tranquility while their body surges with might. These barbarians can be found generally as hermits or alone in the world following a trail that they have yet to understand. Others, however, have found homes in monasteries and places of meditation although their aggression is not always tolerated.

As a barbarian of the Halcyon your mind and your senses provide you with powerful combat advantages. While others blindly rage in defiance against the enemy, you are submersed in the awareness of the world around you, reacting with uncanny timing.

Path of the Juggernaught