Deus Manifest

The ‘New’ Gods

When the Second Born arrived their understanding of the world left them stranded. The ideas and notions that carried them upon the Leylines from their realms did not apply here. This world was made before their gods, other races that had seldom seen now outnumbered them and their unified belief in the world threatened their very identity.

As most would at this point, those that follow a doctrine of ideology, the Second Born refuted what they saw. Each race in turn saw the powers of The Old Ones as ‘primal’ gods, rather than sentient elements and creators of the world. Their new gods to this world were its tamers. Each culture brought along with it their own gods and as such ‘diluted’ the significance of The Old Ones by almost carving up it’s domain among their deities. In time, residual aspects of the Old Ones left over from creation were attributed to the New Gods and the belief in the Old Ones became a secondary religion. Some of the Second Born did see past their own cultures to pray to the Old Ones and vice-versa. The majority of the theological practices of The Old Ways became knowledge passed from generation to generation. As such, some rites and practices, as well as long lost warnings of and protects from doom were lost to time and have now become the domains of historians and archeologists.

The First Born saw the Second Born as colonizers and children at best. Their sudden inception and establishment in their plane left them as infants, scrambling for safety and information. Their outright denial of The Old Ones and The Old Ways compound their childish nature in the First Born Eyes. They refer to the Second Born gods as Reflections. They form a pantheon among their own kind but each shares a fundamental domain or archetype and are thus the same Reflection of a Deus Manifest Archetype.

  • The Gatekeeper – Death Domain
  • The Ancestor – Life Domain
  • The Tinkerer – Forge Domain
  • The Child – Chaos
  • The Wayfarer – Light
  • The Gladiator – War
  • The Wiseone – Knowledge
  • The Magi – Arcana
  • The Warden – Nature
  • The Hermit – Tempest
  • The Twins – Trickster
  • The Companion – Protection

There are currently only two known cultures from the Second Born who’s cultures did not belief in gods as the Second Born conceived. The Goliaths followed their ‘spirits’. Numerous entities who were embodiment of aspects of every day life. While the Firbolgs worshiped nature itself, not what created or governed it.