The Caladelera

“My spellbooks a chicken, my skin’s turning to scales, I was nearly eaten by a maddened bear, I was trapped in an old even ruin overnight in a crystal and I’ve seen a child at the center of the stem of a horrific fungus, barely alive…How in the name of the gods can you call this home?”

Back when the records were written only by Dwarves is when the first recorded history of Caladelera begins. A system of valleys, forests and mountain chains; creating a remote and defendable position. This is where the Danrough, the Dwarven Kingdom resided, deep within the Ruvalk Mountains. They were highly skilled in alchemy and siege combat, testing out weaponry on the mountainsides and the forested valleys. They soon scarred the landscape with their testing and withdrew back underground. It was then that the siege equipment did the most harm. It was used to blast large amounts of rock, deep within the mountains. It created a crack between Dranrogh and the Underdark. Raw mana and all kinds of darkness tried to claw their way. The Dwarves did what they could, creating an arcane capstone to block the magic and the dangers below.

They soon turned all their attention to the capstone, and some even learned to draw from its power. Above ground, the lands were broken, and Caladelera became known as The Broken Forest when the wood elves arrived. They had been tasked by their gods to reclaim the dying landscape and bring it back to life. Years after they had arrived, their presence was noticed by the Dwarves and with these invaders claiming their kingdom as their divine right, a war was inevitable. The Dwarves with all their might went up against the forests that the elves had turned against them. In a desperate struggle, the Dwarves tapped into the capstone, compromising the arcane seals, causing the ley magic beneath to rupture. A hole was bored into the cavern roof by the force of the untamed magic, tunneling all the way to the surface and coursing through the land. As it started to flood the area, the Dwarves tried to keep it under control, reinforcing the seals. But it was too late, the force of the pressure that had built up could only force its way up in other places. Splitting the forests and mountains with veins reaching all the way to the Underdark. All of Caladelera soon found themselves battling not only each other but also the hordes from the Underdark

Slowly and eventually over the years, what had once come from the Underdark had gone quiet, and with both sides depleted of resources, a hesitant truce was called. But that was hundreds of years ago. The ley magic has seeped into the land, with violent and unpredictable eruptions from the now hidden by time fissures. A human settlement has found its home here, Fair Harbor. A settlement in the middle of an ancient battlefield, in the middle of a forest, hiding deadly traps and ruins. Poisonous fungal forests and toxic fog grew invasive on the fringes of the Underdark and magic surged the through the land. But the Demon Queen returned in a slow, insidious manner. Her control seeped through the lands until it was too late.

Zuggmoty’s plans were devious, deep seeded and deadly. She had infested royalty, high priests and government officials, from every corner of the Caladelera she was there culling the herd and stealing their souls to nurture her fungal brood. There was a glimmer of hope, those that took the mantle of savior upon themselves. Some succame to their inevitable fate, others, however, took to The Old Ways and pleaded with the forces of the world to give them strength. After strange alliances were forged and under the watchful gaze of their new tyrannical allies, demons, and their lords, a group brought the fight to the Queen of Fungi to her lair in the Abyss. They broke her forces and she retreated. They were victorious in part but at a price. The war had scarred the landscape anew and its name was earned once again. It will take time to rebuild what was lost, but the Broken Forest remains with its future now in the hands of the survivors.

Villages, Towns & Cities

Fair Harbor – Shadow of the Lone Mountain – Thaes Region

A fairly new village to the Broken Forest. Fair Harbor was once founded by criminals but now finds itself at the center of the fight against The Corruption. It’s villagers are seeking ways to unite the disparate factions and unite them and has since become a safe haven within the forest for those who are lost or have turned their backs on their past.


The Arrival of Thaecielian Convicts – Seeking refuge against persecution and to continue their illegal activities, a group of Thaecielian criminals banded together to found a village deep within the Broken Forest.

The Making of the Village – The local Yuirwood Elves, who claimed the wood the humans were using as their holy right, helped the humans build their village. However it is believed that the villagers tricked Chief Timberrock sparking of animosity between the two villages. Thus leading the Elves to only protect themselves against gnolls raiding the forests and for Fair Harbour’s lumber rights to be severely restricted and constantly monitored.

The Breaking of the Village – During the subsequent years it became apparent that criminals and convicts weren’t the best foundations for a village. They struggled in all faculties, barely surviving. In-between famine and infighting, Gnoll raids from the east started to cripple the village. Over time the village was nearly brought to its knees on multiple occasions.

The Growth of the Village – In time, a Cleric of Chauntea, Nancy Cromwell found herself passing through the Elven holy lands. She knew nothing of the village but sought to understand the exotic and unknown nature of many of the forests plants and animals. Her focus changed however, when she saw the villagers starving and their farms barren. Under Chauntea’s guidance and divinity, she helped the village to survive the harsh forest and for the villages to reform themselves to grow into better people.

The Founding of The Demon’s Drum – With the village now stable, others soon arrived. Most sought escape or refuge. Most came from Thaecil, due to the clouds of civil war looming over the kingdom. A few came from the region itself. The most notable was that of a Dwarf named Varic. The Dwarven Kingdom of Donragh was thought to be forgotten. The locals knew of stories but also believed the tales. Varic was living proof Donragh existed but he would never discuss his past. He founded the Demon’s Drum after making improvements to the shack that was there before. In comparison to the Mayo’s strict ruling, Varic and the Demon’s Drum has become almost a counterpoint to her.

The Corruption Spreads Inwards – Although one of the most recent additions to the forest, the village has had its fair share of experience with The Corruption. Their children have been exposed to it via a board game called Castle’s and Crusaders, the birthplace of the Red Jester. Hetcher Hackle, their woodcutter became corrupted and fled into the forest. The people of Fair Harbour see The Corruption as their fight as much as anyone else and will defend the region to their last.


  • The Demon’s Drum – Owned by Varic, the heart of the Village
  • Mayor’s House – Mayor Cromwell’s abode and office of law
  • Serenna’s Shop – New Dwarven trinkets now in stock.
  • Under the Skin – Tannery and home to the only hot tub in the village.
  • Birdam’s Steel – Blacksmith specializing in Dwarven armaments
  • Fair Harbour’s Library – Headquarters to the Thaecial Royal Resistance.
  • Town Hall – Official and unofficial meetings
  • Dohwarh Offices – Frobisher’s home and Dohwarh contracts
  • Woodvale Farms – Main provider of food and resources to the village
  • Fair Harbour Crypts – Recently built for all racial pantheons.
  • Hetcher’s Shack – Cleansed of The Corruption, Mirdin’s sorrow.
  • Abandoned Lumber mill – Birthplace of the Red Jester and many childhood nightmares.
  • Keolith’s Statue – In honor of services rendered to the village
  • Glory’s Shrine to Sune – To honor the Goddess Sune
  • Earthen & Bramble Defences – A collaboration between Elves and Dwarves


  • Mayor Nancy Patricia Cromwell – Thaecielian Human Cleric of Chauntea
  • Varic – Dwarven Barkeep of The Demon’s Drum.
  • Lady Amana Ironhammer – Dwarven Barmaid & Thaecielian Royal Spymaster / Resistance Leader.
  • Serena Vargeihst – Shopkeeper & recent divorcee.
  • Haldir Woodvale – Human farmer, recent divorcee & avid gardener.
  • ‘Pancakes’ Derra – Human baker & old school romantic.
  • Throgan Aenfal – Queen Ironbeard’s cousin & Vrael Olo member.
  • Argus Birdam – Human blacksmith & Dwarven enthusiast.
  • Kyrai – Aarakoran Librarian & assistant to Lady Amana.
  • Creel – Deep Gnome Alchemist & assistant to Lady Amana.
  • Herber – Human tanner and party animal.
  • Jack – Outcast Orc from the Nightstalker Tribe, dreams of a unified tribe.
  • Mirdin – Ex Thaecielain Wood-Elf bureaucrat & reluctant woodcutter.
  • Frobisher – Dohwar Holy Requisitions Office, Fair Harbour Office.
  • Cherry – Part time shopkeepers assistant & was replaced by a polymorphed orc for a time.
  • Brandy – Aptly named barmaid & twin of Cherry.

Donragh – Ruvalk Mountains – Karak Region

The Dwarven citadel of Donragh is perceived by anyone outside of the Broken Forest as long forgotten and abandoned. This cannot be further from the truth. The Dwarven civilization thrives underground without any need to come to the surface. For most of the existence of Donragh they have believed that the outside world are intruders on th surface of their domain and have instilled racial bias towards their own kin. However Queen Ironbeard is trying to change all that and has been met with resistance from both the nobility and the priests of Dumantohin.


  • The Royal Court – Home to the Royal family and their courtesans
  • Temple to the Forge-blast – Memorial lost to those that died 
  • Royal Gardens  – Place held for many garden parties deep underground
  • The Runecaster Inn – A reputable inn in the Upper Merchant District
  • The Mythril Quill – Offices of the Local Newspaper
  • The Rusted Flagon – A local inn for forgeworkers
  • The Magitek Institute – Created to study magic and to protect against Leyline radiation. Contains temples and shrines to: Dugmaren Brightmantle, Gorm Gulthyn, Berronar Truesilver
  • Vrael Olo Safe-house – Used by the organisation to plan and conduct their affairs away from the eyes of the citizens.
  • Ancestors Vault – A domed vault containing key figures from the city’s history in statue and relief form.
  • Hall of Scripture  – A long hall of relief scriptures of the history of Donragh.
  • The Runic Elevator
  • Housing Wards – Housing is generally sorted in either function of occupants or economic segregation. 
  • Entertainment Ward – The entire ward is a bardic campus with all forms of arts and entertainment taught, practiced and preformed all within walking distance.  Contains temples and shrines to: Clangeddin Silverbeard
  • The Hallowed Forges – Contains temples and shrines to: Moradin
  • Mining Wards Contains temples and shrines to: Dumathoin
  • Aetherponics & Husbandry – Contains temples and shrines to: Sharalindar
  • Crypts Contains temples and shrines to: Pantheon / Old Ones
  • Commerce Wards Contains temples and shrines to: Vergadain
  • Diplomatic Ward 
  • Government Ward
  • Royal Barracks – Contains temples and shrines to: Haela Brightaxe,   Clangeddin Silverbeard, Gorm Gulthy
  • The Molten Maiden – Brothel


  • Queen Ironbeard
  • Commissioner Gyrdom Kurzak – The leader of the City Guard. Old and slightly infirm, he is known for his old-fashioned views on gender, power and politics.
  • Martek Burgaast – Offier of the Upper Guard
  • Lord Belgrudain Turabal – Actively plotted against Queen Ironbeard. Orchestrated the murder of a Drow delegate so undermine the Queen’s authority and destabilize relations between the two kingdoms.
  • Borolo Turabal – Son of Lord Turabal and student of the Magitek Institute
  • Kolgrak Zuldagthal – The biggest crime boss in Donragh. Assisted Lord Turabal. Has yet to be caught.
  • Nurast – Famed for his attention to detail and exacting standards. Was brought in for questioning during the murder investigation.
  • Elron – Unknown Priest of Dumathoin 
  • Lady Talyle’ene – Agent of the Vrael Olo and once a former maid to the murdered Chessintra Arkenvir, acts as as Drow delegate to the surface.
  • Lady Valid Silverstone – Minister of Defense

Yuirwood – Nar Forest – Vandor Region

A small society of Wood Elves who were sent by their gods to the Caledellera, to cleanse it of the destruction wrought by the Dwarves and regrow it into a lush forest. They are as part of the forest as the trees and take an infraction on ‘their’ land as an act of aggression or stupidity. Their primary gods are Rillifane Rallathil and Angharradh. They consider the forest their religious right to protect and have trained Gillies – stewards of the forest – to protect what is ‘theirs’.


  • Chieftan’s Tent – Where the council of Yuirwood meets to decide on the fate of the village.
    Granny’s Firewine Stall – A prominent export of Yuirwood.
    Shadowsongs Stall – Prominent traders of Yuirwoods surplus
    Oakmire’s Foundry – Creation of Ironwood equipment.
    The Godswood – The natural temple to the Elven Gods


  • Anrundiel Timberrock – Old Chieftan
  • Nerivaris Timberrock – Anrundiel’s daughter and High Priestess of Angharradh
  • Windswept Flower – Wood-Elf Gillie, Chosen of Angharradh & wife of Warden Keolith
  • Shadowsong Brothers, Jarod and Mave – Traders
  • Granny Shadowsong – Creator of Firewine
  • Mal Oakmire – Forgeman and craftsman
  • Eryn Oakmire – Chosen of Angharrad. 
  • Ava Oakmire – Wife, mother of Eryn and and Vrael Olo member.

Erendlyn – The Underdark – Dhaerow Region

A matriarchal and religious people, the Drow have always been perceived in legends as creatures of evil. They consider themselves isolationists and prefer never to encounter another race. During the first demonic invasion, the mountain covering the path from the surface to their city was uncovered, thrusting the Drow into the limelight Their mane Goddess is Lolth although some lesser known gods from the Drow pantheon are worshiped in secret; Vhaeraun, Eilstraee & Kiiaransalee. They are also the primary race in the creation and running of the scientific Cult, the Vrael Olo.


  • Vrael Olo Headquaters – The seat of power for the Vrael Olo.
  • The Blackened Market – Run by Ratfolk, trades not only in illicit goods but information aswell.
  • The Deathtouched Warehouse – A former Vrael Olo research center, has been taken over to act as a hideout for certain members within the organisation.


  • Queen Zalynth – Drow Leader,  High Priestess of Lolth and highly distrustful of men and other races. Has not been seen by her subjects.
  • Talice Schulabar – Leader of the Vrael Olo.
  • Vivienne Durdael – Prominent noble within the Council of Nobles and one of the high ranking member of of the Vrael Olo
  • Magda Durdael – Sister of Vivienne
  • Dorian Durdael – Human husband of Vivienne and her lesser in all ways.
  • Alton Vrinn – Mentor to the children of the Durdael family
  • Lord Throgan Aenfal – Queen Ironbeard’s cousin, Lothario, bard and part of the Dwarven contingent of the Vrael Olo.
  • Iraena Zaurae – Child Protogé of the Vrael Olo with a dangerously inquisitive mind.
  • Professor Krieg Quartzman – Svirfneblin Wizard and expert on Ley Energies.
  • Vierna Ko’sol – Ex student of the Vrael Olo and sacrifice by unknown cultists.
  • Sha’non – Vampire Death Cult Senior Leader and Follower of Kiaransalee

Minor Factions

The Motherblessed – Aelin Lake – Mornatosst Region – Kuo-Toa
The Children of Ladguer – Irador Mountains – Onodrim Region – Deuregar
The Fae Alliance – Nar Forest – Weldath Region – Pixie, Sprite and Centaur
The Board of Directors – Irador Mountains – Onodrim Region – Dohwar
The Razorback Tribe – Irador Mountains – Zorn Region – Orcs
The Razorback Tribe – Irador Mountains – Zorn Region – Orcs
The Nightstalker Tribe – Varn Mountains – Wutroth Region – Orcs
Achuak Ihtos Tribe – Moramir Swamp – Celos Region – Lizardfolk
The Emerald Enclave – Gyrlass Woods – Shilmista Region – Firbolg
The Carrion Butches – The Bladestones – Syrun Plains – Gnoll

Natural Features

Region Mechanics