Birthrights are a secondary contribution to your backstory. They can be influences from you childhood, your family, your culture, your interests or events from you intimidate or long distant past. These are designed to work alongside your background to add flavor and a few new abilities. Look out for some of these on NPCs.

Awakened Spirit (Skytouched)

Level 2: While you sleep or meditate you have advantage on perception checks made to identify or perceive creatures. You also have advantage on perception checks to spot a hidden creature.

Level 4: Ability – Calm Mind  – You may choose to meditate instead of sleep. If you do not require sleep you may meditate at double the speed but require two separate periods of meditation.  You may choose which rest is your long rest.

Level 7: During meditation you can still see around you up to 30ft and gain tremor sense for 15ft. You may project an aura of yourself up to a radius of 120ft out from your body. You retain tremor sense while in this form. This energy will be identified as you by scrying magic instead of your body. DC 15 to break or take damage. In this form you may cause a creature you can ‘see’ within 15ft to make an intelligence saving throw DC D15 or take 1D6 psychic damage per round. If this form is damaged in any way you take no physical damage but return to your body. You can use this ability once per day and the ability recharges every morning

Bounty Hunter (Twin Shires)

Level 2: When you take the attack action on your turn, you gain advantage on your first attack if your attack is made with a bludgeoning weapon. If you render a target unconscious with a weapon, they remain unconscious for an additional minute.

Level 4: You gain proficiency in nets and are considered proficient with Thieves Tools to set up humanoid traps.

Level 7: Ability: Know Thy Quarry – Choose an enemy you can see, instead of an attack you can make a history or insight check on that enemy on success you gain advantage on your next attack roll or skill check and critically succeed on a 19 or more.

Broker (Northern Expanse)

Level 2: You learn the language thieve’s cant and gain advantage with slight of hand checks when passing to or from an object that is tiny or smaller to or from a creature within 5ft of you.

Level 4: Ability: Shadowed – As long as you are in dim light or darkness you have advantage on Persuasion, Intimidation and Deception checks.

Level 7:  You gain the ability to use smith’s tools and a unique way of using them. You can mint your own tokens that are no bigger than a coin. You may have up to your Charisma modifier in tokens at any one time. These tokens also allow that creature to redeem them with you for one favour of their choosing within reason. While a creature holds a coin in this way, you gain +1 to any skill check used on or with that creature and +1 against saving throws against that creature.

Cartographer (Skytouched)

Level 2: You can read any map regardless of the language it was written in but only gain basic information DC Intelligence (Survival) 15 Check or can only use for visual reference. You are considered proficient in cartographers tools.

Level 4: You are considered proficient in history or survival checks when it comes to remembering landmarks or region geography

Level 7: Ability – Memory Maps – You can commit up to your proficiency modifier worth of local region maps to your memory with perfect accuracy or up to half of regional maps.You can make a Cartographer’s Tools DC 15 (Wisdom / Intelligence) to reduce travel time by one quarter of your current travel time as you plot a more direct and lesser known path. You may use this up to your proficiency modifier per trip but difficulty will increase by 2, representing the difficulty and danger of the new way, each time used after the first.

Clanborn (Northern Expanse)

Level 2: Ability: For the Good of the Clan When you are within 30ft of a Clan Member you can take the Help Action as a bonus action. *

Level 4: You gain advantage on persuasion and deception checks against any Clan Member. You are considered proficient in remembering Clan History. 

Northern Expanse Tribes

  • The Bloody Claw
  • The Countless Fangs
  • The Raising Stinger
  • The Scouring Tusk 
  • The Thundering Hooves 
  • The Tossing Horns

Syrun Desert Tribes

  • Verania

Level 7: You are considered proficient in all intelligence checks about your Clan or other clans. You have advantage on your roll if you use relevant information on a member of another clan.

Corsair (Syrun)

Level 2: You learn to read and Write Parlé and have advantage on charisma based skill checks when conversing with a sailor or pirate.

Level 4: You gain a swim speed or additional swim speed equal to half your walking speed, you gain proficiency with water based vehicles.

Level 7: Ability: Gunboat Diplomacy – You may use either your Strength or Constitution modifier when using the intimidation or persuasion skill.

Cultist (Western Isles)

Level 2: Ability: Steadfast Worship – You can spend a short rest bolstering your belief. You gain advantage on intellect saving throws or saving throws against being charmed for one hour.

Level 4: You can identify other members of your cult even when disguised or glamoured through magic. You are also as easy to identify when you disguise yourself in any way to other cult members. You gain proficiency with the disguise kit.

Level 7: You can cause lacerations with your piercing Or slahing bladed weapon dealing an extra 1 point of damage to collect blood samples DC Con 15. Once a creature has saved against this action or has their blood collected they become immune to this ability. You can use one vial to create a totem that can impose, as an action by the holder, disadvantage on the creature’s next roll. This totem lasts for one use before it disintegrates. You may have up to your proficiency bonus in totems at any one time.

Druidic (Thaeciel)

Level 2: You are able to sense the emotions of animals and plants by their behaviour and appearance.

Level 4: You have advantage on animal handling checks and survival checks when interacting with wild beast creatures or plant creatures. Animals and plants have a chance to direct you to your goal (at GM’s discretion) *

Level 7: Ability: Druidic Ward – If you are within 5ft of an ally beast or plant creature you may gain +1 AC per creature (up to 3)for 1 minute or equivalent movement speed of the fastest creature, excluding flying and burrowing. As the creature is extending themselves to you, you must remain within 5ft of that creature or this ability ends. You may do this once every long rest.

Explorer (Syrun Desert)

Level 2: Ability: Trailblazer – You increase your speed by 10ft if you are travelling alone Friendly creatures move an extra 5ft while within 10ft of you.

Level 4:  As long as you have travelled at least half an hour in difficult terrain, you ignore difficult terrain penalties until you leave the area. You also gain advantage in survival and perception checks after travelling at least half an hour in any location.

Level 7: Ability: As long as a creature can see you make a successful dexterity or strength saving throw against a trap or natural hazard, they gain advantage on their first saving throw.

Fanatical Devotee (Skytouched)

Level 2:.When you are within 15ft of a Devotee gain advantage on social interactions as long as you both act in unison

Level 4: Ability – Zeal – For up to one minute you have advantage on skill checks that follow your creed. Req Concentration, once per day

Level 7:You may use your Religion skill modifier instead of charisma to make performance, deception or persuasion checks, when speaking in public

Fringe Survivalist (Broken Forest)

Level 2: Using cooking supplies DC 15 Wisdom (Survival check) you may create 3 rations out of two handfuls of scraps, waste and or surplus food or edible substances.

Level 4: You gain proficiency in cooking supplies and are considered proficient with you can spend one hour to scavenge supplies to set up animal traps. You have a number of traps equal to your proficiency modifier.

Level 7: Ability: Rough Sleeper – You can sleep up to a number of nights equal to your proficiency modifier with no bed / bedroll without detriment. You must sleep in a bed the next night or suffer exhaustion equal to the level of days slept without a bed / bedroll. 

Graduate (Syrun Desert)

Level 2: Ability: Aptitude: Your reading speed is doubled and you can fully comprehend all that you have read in relative time. You must roll a DC 12 History check each hour to retain the information without fault.

Level 4: You have proficiency or expertise in Deduction. Your writing speed is doubled.

Level 7: You may scribe a tome based on your skill expertise that gives advantage to the 0reader. They can only benefit from this once per tome. You can write as many tomes up to your proficiency modifier.  

Herdsman (Twin Shires)

Level 2:  You have advantage on animal handling checks and survival checks when interacting with domesticated or farm animals.

Level 4: Ability:  Sense Heard – You gain advantage on Insight Wisdom checks to understand the mood of a large room or crowd (10+). You are made aware if the group considers themselves to be threatened.

Level 7: You can passively sense the mood of a room of six or more creatures DC15 Wisdom (Insight) You gain advantage when you roll Dexterity (Stealth) to hide in a crowd of six or more creatures, your size one step smaller and above.You now know the locations of any threats you are alerted to within 120ft by adeptly hearing and seeing creatures in a group of ten or more creatures. 

Hunter Gatherer (Northern Expanse)

Level 2: You gain advantage with nets and can add half your proficiency modifier to the trap DC. (Passive Survival)

Level 4: Your Survival proficiency bonus is doubled when you harvest from animals or plants. *

Level 7:  Ability: Iron Stomach You gain advantage on Survival (Wisdom) checks to tell if a harvested ingredient is poisonous. You have advantage on constitution saving throws against eating poisonous plants or animals. You gain advantage on Survival (Wisdom) to create a toxin based on the poison DC 15.

Janus (Western Isles)

Level 2: You gain advantage with the deception skill when lying with the direct opposite of the truth and other creatures have disadvantage on Wisdom checks in relation to a second identity you are not currently embodying to determine if you are lying or not.

Level 4: Ability: Two Face – You gain an additional emblematic item of disguise per identity you can embody. While wearing this item, creatures have disadvantage to recognise you or any relation to other identities you embody. As long as a creature does not see you change this additional item, that creature will perceive you as that other identity with a change of appearance as long as you are wearing a different emblematic item. 

Level 7:  You gain one additional identity, including costume and documentation. 

Ley Initiate (Broken Forest) 

Level 2: Using Arcana DC 15, you can sense where ley lines are present and if anyone or anything has been affected by ley magic.

Level 4: Leylines and leymagic can be sensed with a passive Arcana of 15 and checked by a DC 12. Gain one cosmetic mutation.

Level 7: Ability: Ley Attunement  – 1 Action – Self – Concentration <1 Minute – You may change the type of damage a spell inflicts as long as you remain within 30ft of an active leyline reducing your movement to half speed. Spells cast have a +1 to their attack and DC but will cause Wild Magic surges upon every cast with a 50% to inflict upon the caster. If concentration is broke, caster and all those within a 5ft radius are inflicted with Wild Magic. Recharge every long rest. 

Logical Student (Broken Forest)

Level 2: You gain 3 tomes of knowledge based on three areas within an Intellect based skill giving you advantage on checks related to them. This requires at least half an hour referencing your library.

Level 4: You gain proficiency with Deduction (Intellect) checks.

Level 7: Ability: Academic Challenger – You gain proficiency with Dragon Chess and can challenge other creatures with an intellect score of 12+ to a duel as an alternative to resolving conflict if accepted by both sides without forced coersion. The challenged target can modify the rules of ‘combat’ and a failure consequence. Each side rolls alternatively with Intellect vs Wisdom until one side has either three wins in a row or has the most out of five. Target can refuse on DC 15 Charisma saving throw.

Mechanist (Syrun Desert)

Level 2: You learn to read and write Mechanist and (if caster) may learn Clockwork Spells instead of your own class’. [Kobold Press – Deep Magic – Rune Magic] You add double your proficiency when identifying mechanisms or constructs.

Level 4: Ability: Cogsmith You can create a Tiny Construct based on a CR2 or below Beast. It has no abilities apart from blindsight of 5ft and ¼ of the speed of the beast. If it can logically, it can provide the help action. *

Level 7:  You may choose to give your construct a singular non combat modification that can fit within the body of the construct. This can be changed every long rest. You can identify a construct or mechanism with an Arcana skill check of DC = 10+ Creatures CR.

Noble (Thaeciel)

Level 2: You can advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks when finding information on other nobles.

Level 4: You are considered proficient in Wisdom (Etiquette) and have advantage on Intellect (History) checks to identify codes of conduct.

Level 7: Ability: Defend Honour – If you are wielding a finesse weapon you may challenge a creature as an alternative to resolving conflict as long as the challenge is agreed upon including a ‘wager’ that each side will gamble. 

They can refuse on DC 15 Charisma saving throw. Each side rolls alternatively Charisma (Performance) vs AC until one side has either three wins in a row or has the most out of five. This ability cannot be used instead of combat.

Prisoner (Thaeciel)

Level 2: Ability: Shiv (finesse) – You gain proficiency with a special concealed weapon that does 1d4 piercing damage. It has three uses. You may find additional shivs in the world or craft one out of a suitable material during a long rest.

Level 4: You understand Thieves Cant. You have advantage of Wisdom (Perception) checks to find a replacement shiv and can additionally be used as a one use replacement for thieve’s tools. If used as theives tools, the shiv breaks regardless if you succeed.

Level 7: If you use your shiv you can make an unarmed or improvised strike (finesse)  as part of a duel wield attack.

Rebellious (Twin Shires)

Level 2: Ability-  Anarchic Spirit – You have advantage on charisma checks when avoiding responsibility or manual labour.

Level 4: You gain half your proficiency modifier with weapons you are not considered proficient with. *

Level 7: Your anarchic spirit emanates out to a 10ft radius. All those in the area must make a charisma saving throw DC 15 or start to act rebelliously, acting in opposition to their previous action. (does not affect targets that know you). This effect lasts rounds equal to your proficiency modifier and creatures affected can make a save at the end of their turn. You gain advantage on stealth checks while in the crowd but if spotted you are instantly known as the source of the riot. 1/ Every long rest.

Reclusive Society (Western Isles)

Level 2: You gain proficiency with one tool kit, one musical instrument & one weapon.

Level 4: Your strange ways make people intrigued and repulsed, you have a 25% chance to roll with advantage or disadvantage on social interactions with strangers.

Level 7: Homeschooled – You gain expertise in one kit or instrument you are already proficient in or you may use your strength or dexterity instead of charisma to roll performance with a weapon. You may use a kit, instrument or strength / dexterity  performance to resolving conflict is agreed upon both by both sides. You roll vs their passive insight until one side has either three wins in a row or has the most out of five. This ability cannot be used instead of combat.

Runescribe (Northern Expanse)

Level 2: You learn the language Runic and the ability to copy runes into a book or scripture while maintaining their magic. You may copy runes equal to your proficiency modifier + intellect modifier + wisdom modifier 

Level 4: Ability: Invoker – You learn to permanently invoke a magic rune up to its second level. [Kobold Press – Deep Magic – Rune Magic]

Level 7:  You learn how to change runes every sunrise via a one hour ritual, if you know at least one rune. Runes you do invoke are channeled up to their maximum ability.

Trader (Western Isles)

Level 2: You can read and write Metricious and can buy and sell items at a quarter more or less than the standard price. 

Level 4:  Ability – Barter Bribe –  You cna make an insight check, contested by targets deception. On success you can ascertain if target creature can be bribed and roughly what would be needed to do so. As long as you hold the item, the item or image is emblemised on an item or carry out the act in front of target creature, you have advantage on all persuasion and deception checks while engaged in trading with that creature.

Level 7: You may invest gold equivalent to 10x the CR rating of of a trading, artisanal or producing NPC. As long as the the target creature is not hostile to you or your allies, you gain a reliable contact with that creature and may call upon them as an ally in trade disputes or acquisitions.