Skill Proficiencies: Perception and Investigation or Insight,

Language Proficiencies: 2 of your choosing

Equipment: A fine set of clothes, a common set of clothes, a signet ring of the noble house you worked for, 10gp 

Features: The nobility have an easy life being waited on hand and foot by yourself and others like you in employment or servitude. To them it is almost as if you do not exist and you can use that to your advantage. You can easily assume servitude in any place of nobility that has servants regardless if you work there or not. You can also can talk to the staff about local information and gossip if they are inclined to without them questioning your intent. 

Personality Traits

  1. I never grumble when a task is hard
  2. I love a good gossip
  3. I try to act as if I was a noble myself
  4. I do everything I can to stand out
  5. As soon as I finish a hard task I relax with indulging my vices
  6. I am a perfectionist and push others to be the same.
  7. I have learned it’s better to not be seen and definitely not heard.
  8. I am always preoccupied with thoughts of future plans.


  1. I believe it is one’s duty to help others to the best of their ability
  2. Sometimes secrets need to be kept.
  3. Blackmail is the world’s greatest currency.
  4. The bare minimum is at least enough.
  5. Timings and schedules must always be kept.
  6. Sometimes secrets need to be kept.


  1. I am the illegitimate child of a noble
  2. My master committed a terrible crime which only I know of
  3. I run dice and card games for money with other servants.
  4. I have been ‘gifted’ items from my previous households to which I hold dear.
  5. I send my wages to my family who are living in poverty
  6. I have been part of many households, where people have mysteriously died.


  1. I tend to forget if I have completed a task and repeat it often.
  2. I tend to let others make decisions for me
  3. If there is no gossip to share I will always make it up
  4. I take items that are easily forgotten.
  5. I tend to ignore others
  6. I have huge debts that I steal from others to cover