Skill Proficiencies: Medicine and either Investigation, Intimidation or Religion

Tool Proficiencies: One musical instrument

Equipment: Healer’s kit, a set of medical instruments used for post-mortems, a book on anatomy, a quick reference book on death customs based on the languages you know,  and a coin pouch containing 5 gold. 

Features: As an undertaker you are either feared or revered by those around you. Depending on your local culture / religion you may be respected differently but regardless you have the utmost respect for the dead and the practices of interment and the passing of the soul. You may find shelter with any religion or culture that respects the dead and will seek your aid with their own. You can also examine a body for up to one hour. If you do so you can tell how the creature died and if any religious aspects of their death / interment. 

Personality Traits

  1. I have a very dark and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor
  2. Death doesn’t phase me as much as birth does.
  3. I’m always intrigued when someone dies of unnatural causes.
  4. I would see the bereaved comforted by knowing the truth behind the death of someone they loved..
  5. Death is not the end.
  6. We should revere our fleeting existence.
  7. I don’t tolerate the squeemish.
  8. I find peace in graveyards, crypts and mortuaries.


  1. Everyone should respect the dead, regardless of creed.
  2. Dying is just another stepping stone along the path of life.
  3. Those that blight or disfigure should be punished for their wickedness.
  4. Those that are bereaved deserve respect, understanding and patience and I will not tolerate those that do not do the same.
  5. The work that morticians carry out is as important as any adventurer or scholar. 
  6. If someone dies from unknown causes, it is society’s duty to understand and grieve the loss.


  1. I work with grave diggers and make a profit on those I bury.
  2. I take body parts from the deceased to aid me in my research.
  3. I work for a temple or cult and perform arcane rituals on the dead.
  4. I once had to bury a child who died from unspeakable acts and I will never see a child harmed again.
  5. I have an apprentice who I have taught my ways, they now run the business I own while I seek new horizons.
  6. I once solved a murder with my skills, and I now see it as  my duty to seek retribution for those unjustly slain. 


  1. I have discovered an unnatural taste for flesh
  2. I tend to intrude on investigations by local authorities if I believe someone has died.
  3. I am fascinated to distraction when I see a corpse.
  4. I use my reputation for personal gain.
  5. I’m convinced that the people I bury don’t always stay dead.
  6. I will stop everything I am doing to observe the last rights of customs of cultures of those deceased, even if I do not know them.