Skill Proficiencies: Perception & Investigation

Tool Proficiencies: Tinkers and Smiths Tools

Language Proficiencies: Mechanist

Equipment: A set of artisans tools (one of your choice), a set of heavy duty gloves mask and apron, a small pouch of scrap metal, a set of travelers clothes and a belt pouch containing 15gp.

Features: You understand both the physical and magical properties of mechanical constructs. As such you have advantage on all tinkers and smiths tools you use on a construct or mechanism. You may additionally add double your proficiency bonus any to history, arcana, and investigation checks when interacting or recalling information about constructs or mechanisms. 

Personality Traits

  1. I am overly possessive of my possessions.
  2. I believe I can sense compositions of metals.
  3. I try to act with precision in all that I do
  4. I try to get all the information on a task before I make an opinion
  5. I prefer inanimate objects over people
  6. Everything can be understood, with enough time.
  7. I know everything can be improved with a little skill
  8. I believe people show their worth by their deeds not by their coin


  1. Everyone and everything has their place within the Divine Machine
  2. Mechanical life is as important as and equal to  organic life
  3. It’s better to follow logic than to indulge in emotions
  4. Constructs are superior in every way and I’ll make sure others believe it.
  5. Imperfections cannot be tolerated.
  6. There is nothing better than mastering a skill by your own determination


  1. I am dedicated to improving my people’s understanding of technology
  2. I once created a homunculus that disappeared into the night. 
  3. My teacher and I remain in correspondence and update each other on our creations.
  4. I’ve discovered an ancient Warforged secret and I believe I am being hunted.
  5. I was blessed by an ancient dragon made of gears and pilgrimage to their lair.
  6. My family are famous mechanists and everyone is anticipating my first great creation.


  1. I find it hard sometimes to distinguish a statue from a construct.
  2. If I see someone attempting a craft I know, I tend to point out their mistakes.  
  3. I get easily distracted, especially from the ticking noise I sometimes hear
  4. Emotions get in the way of progress.
  5. I tend to get over excited about constructs or contraptions that I’ve not seen before.
  6. I speak mechanist in my sleep.