Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Poisoner’s Kit and Herbalist’s Kit

Equipment: Herbalists Compendium, A gardening implement (such as a miniature pitchfork or shovel), herbalists kit, a set of work clothes or common clothes, a wide brimmed hat, a case for up to 8 potion vials, 10 gp worth of trade goods, and a belt pouch containing 5 gp 

Features: You have attained over your years of herbalism a book that contains all of your accumulated knowledge. You can identify common, uncommon and rare plants with ease (advantage) and know their properties to making potions and other tinctures. As such you can easily find shelter and local knowledge from most potion sellers, herbalists and farmers / foragers as they are grateful for any knowledge you can impart. Your book also functions as a seed bank and drying press, allowing you to store seeds and samples of plants. 

Personality Traits

  1. I rise with the sun and sleep when it sets
  2. I keep my supplies in exacting quantities and standards
  3. I find interacting with people daunting
  4. I identify things mainly by taste and smell
  5. I always find myself covered in dirt and potions
  6. I tend to my plants as a doctor tends to their patients
  7. I constantly strive for perfection
  8. I live as frugally as possible, existing with as little impact as possible


  1. I try to use nature’s’ bounty to help those that need it most
  2. I’m happy to provide my services for a fee
  3. Nature needs to be cruel and dangerous to protect itself
  4. The best medicines don’t need an explanation, or need to taste good.
  5. Whenever you take from the land, you must also give twice back.
  6. Where there is life, there is always an opportunity


  1. I have a special seed that I have yet to know what it will become
  2. I have made a lifelong friend with an Ent/myconid and do my best to protect their kind.
  3. I’m well known to local poisoners and jilted lovers.
  4. I talk to all the plants I can find, they get lonely otherwise
  5. I learned my trade from a mysterious person who I believe may be a hag
  6. I travel to repair my home and my garden.


  1. I tend to ignore even my own recipes
  2. I only truly understand the motives of plants
  3. I’m on the run, escaping persecution from my ‘deeds’.
  4. I use my potions for personal gain
  5. I always fall for sad stories and pleas for help, regardless of if they are true
  6. I barely know how to grow anything and most of what I do is sheer good luck.