Old Ways Apostle

Those that understand the Old Ways have been brought to understand The Old Ones and to revere them in very different ways. Some come from Firstborn, who innately understand that their existence is intrinsically linked to The Old Ones as their creators. Some see them more as a way to understand the world around them, to make sense of the chaos that The Sundered One may bring. Others have been taught that the Old Ones are titanic entities beyond comprehension that have sometimes aided those in need. There are also those that see their influence upon the world and revere that very connection to every aspect of existence. You may have been brought up religiously, or experienced a profound event or turned to the Old Ones in hopes to change your fate or to better understand the world. Regardless you are not alone and even some Secondborn individuals and communities have turned to the Old Ones. Although your belief in them may be strong you have always been taught not to rely on direct influence like Secondborn Gods. The Old Ones are the very elements of existence and as such see mortal life very differently and with little regard compared to the Deus Manifest reflections.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Religion

Tool Proficiencies: One set artisans tools or one musical instrument that you use as your primary method of invocation. 

Equipment: A holy effigy (of a respective Old One), a tool of invocation inscribed with ornate carvings, non-magical trinkets associated with an Old One, a interpretive figurine of an Old One, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp 

Features: As an apostle, you can try to invoke the eye of an Old One to help your endeavors. You can perform a ritual that can take anywhere from ten minutes to a few hours dependent on the severity or difficulty of the task. This task must be related to the specific aspect of that Old One. As you perform your ritual, roll religion. On a 15 or more roll 2d20, otherwise roll 1d20. If you subsequently roll a 17 or more the GM will tell you how the Old One responds to your request. Otherwise your invocation goes unheard although there may be some effect related to to your invocation. This roll can be augmented at the discretion of the GM depending on influencing events.

Personality Traits

  1. I see the omens of the Old Ones in the world around me.
  2. I do not worry about what happens to me as I believe I’m protected.
  3. I’m drawn to places that are associated with a particular Old One.
  4. I try to embody a specific Old One in all that I do.
  5. I chastise those that do not believe in the Old Ways.
  6. I know others will benefit from The Old Ways even if they do not believe.
  7. I believe the Sundered One will devour the world
  8. I am paranoid that The Old Ones are always watching me.


  1. Guidance: The teachings I have learned of the Old Ones will benefit all (Good)
  2. Piety: Those that transgress against the Old Ways must be punished. (Lawful)
  3. Power: Sacrifices will be made to gain the attentions of the Old Ones (Evil)
  4. Renewal: The Old Ones are the world, and the world must be reborn to them. (Choatic)
  5. Ambition: I seek to prove myself to the Old Ones in a way that benefits each one. (Any)
  6. Knowledge: The Old Ways are there to protect us, we just need to know how. (Any)


  1. The Sundered One: I have vowed that I will return the Old Ones to their creator
  2. Belenos: I owe my life to a traveler who showed me a safe path through unknown dangers
  3. Nicneven: I tricked the wrong person and hope they will never find me.
  4. Cernunos: I am in search of an artifact that can extend my life.
  5. Anaethon: I see the spirits of the recently slain.
  6. Bakanuwa: I suffer from terrible visions which I do not yet understand.
  7. Thonios: I have pledged my word to protect a certain place or people.
  8. The Horagares: I will complete a set of tasks to prove my status among my people.
  9. Senuna: I act as an impartial arbiter of law and have ‘trophies’ to prove this.
  10. Nantosuelta: Where there is civilization, I will make sure the natural world flourishes.


  1. I am terrified of the judgement that the Old Ones may pass on me.
  2. I like to keep secrets and do not share willingly.
  3. I am far to trusting, believing others will accept The Old Ones
  4. I secretly believe that the Old Ones do not exist.
  5. I judge others by the standards I keep.
  6. I believe the world around me is how it should be and I try little to change it.