Skill Proficiencies: History, Perception

Tool Proficiencies: Cartographers Tools

Equipment: A set of traveler’s clothes,cartographers tools, a fragment of an indecipherable map and a coin purse containing 10gp

Features: You have a deep affinity for remembering landscapes. Whenever you make an Intelligence, (Nature, Religion or History) check related to a geographical feature, you are considered proficient in that  skill and add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus.

Personality Traits

  1. I admire the natural world’s beauty as if it were a painting, in all its forms.
  2. I can never sit still, why stay in one place when there’s so much to be found.
  3. I have a tendency to overthink how precise I should be in all that I do.
  4. I always give detailed instructions as a matter of pride, no matter if I know where the place is or not.
  5. I’m not afraid to take dangerous risks in the pursuit of wayfinding.
  6. I’m most fascinated by planar portals and other realms, everything else is just mundane.
  7. I obsess over secrets & clues left behind by mapmakers to buried treasure
  8. I am a firm believer that being well armed with knowledge is as powerful as any weapon.


  1. Heritage. Ancient maps and journals are the true treasures of the past, not jewels or artefacts.
  2. Paranoia. Those that hide their secrets from others are a step away from betrayal.
  3. Knowledge. The keys to the past and the future are routed in the understanding of those that came before.  
  4. Preservation. History has a tendency to erase the past, we must hold onto it at all costs. 
  5. Exploitation. If you cant see the trail ahead, I’ll make sure you go first.
  6. Passion. No detail is too small that it should be discounted.


  1. My exploration partner went missing one night and never returned, I still to this day haven’t found them.
  2. I barely survived when I was lost, if it wasn’t for a local herdsman.
  3. If my knowledge can be passed down directly, then I must find a way to preserve what I know.
  4. I once used underhanded tactics to claim that I had found an undiscovered location which lead to the other being discredited.
  5. I’ve discovered that the person that inspired me to start making maps has left a trail of clues for me since I began.
  6. I once spent a few months conning people into believing that my maps were guides to famous people and locations.


  1. My tendency for precision leads me to take far longer than anyone else.
  2. If I haven’t checked something for myself, I won’t truly believe it until I have seen it.
  3. I berate others who can’t enjoy the simple act of walking and stopping to enjoy the world around us.
  4. I am claustrophobic and I try to hide it to the best of my ability.
  5. I can spend weeks at a time trying to pursue a strange piece of lore, even if there’s no real basis for it.
  6. I’ve never been to half the places I’ve made maps of.