I guess I should explain why you’re reading this. Odhran, I hope you’ve met Odhran, told me this was the best way to help. If you’re reading this then you’ve forgotten who you are. There’s only three ways this could have happened. I lost, we lost and survived, or we won but at a cost. If the worst, we can get through this, you can! We’ve been through worse, and I’m sure there’s probably a dark path ahead. Keep focused, leave the dead where they lay and move on. If we’ve won, I don’t have any idea how. It’s far too early to even begin looking for an answer. And sceptical me at this point would question as to why I started so early. It wasn’t my idea but it’s keeping me in check, although I loathe to admit it. If Odhran is still around at this point know that he got you out of city and away from you parents, be that good or bad at this point I have no clue. I could regret everything to come. Read More

I wasn’t lonely as a child, I might not have had as many friends as my parents would have liked but I always had someone to talk to, the voice of ‘it’ inside my head. It only proves that this madness might be contagious. The King has it, those locked up by the Aeon Priests ‘have’ it, for all I care everyone could insane. It started out innocent at first. I was young, full of curiosity and … well I always had my eyes open. I saw the world differently to the other kids. They were content, from what I could see with their families. They were happy, boisterous at times, but happy. They were on one track and I was on another, I never felt like we were truly friends.

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