The only time I can clearly remember following Arden down was the time I met DeHart. From the other times, I could only remember blur of the Undercroft Market, the nausea of the rubbish pit below floor one and holding on tighter to my shins than I have ever done since. Arden had met someone, the same someone on multiple occasions. A gruff older man, with a constant look of frustration and disappointment.  From the way he carried himself and his cleaner attire, he was of obvious importance down there. When I caught a glimpse of silver being placed on the older man’s palm it was obvious of he was.

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I followed him down there a number of times, not as often as he went but good enough. It had been less than two months since I had started living above the Roost but I had gone more times than as many weeks. I didn’t feel comfortable going down there. I guess growing up above the Foundations makes you a little paranoid. Read More

Perhaps it’s time I explained everything a little more explicitly.  Our parents were called Melomea and Tucrado and as you may have realised, our relationship was not the best. We have no brothers or sisters that I can recall, all of our parents’ hopes and dreams piled onto us. That went well from them didn’t it? Read More

I lost a lot of confidence by listening to that voice.She was hard to ignore. Our parents always joked we were cursed as a family. The food carts would get one of our orders wrong or the shopkeeper would give us the wrong item. I took that pessimism to heart and perhaps became a little cynical. They would be negative, but would scold me for voicing it. Vallah was always behind that. I had began to think it was just me being me. I was picky with who I socialised with, always trying to fit in while wary of being judged. I kept my cards close to my chest. I never mentioned Vallah or Azelle or the shadows and introduced myself as Antiope. Read More