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The Lighthouse of Ice – Drathor

A gnome gilded in gold. Never did I think that such a being could be anything truly insidious. I thought him perhaps a mage who has been out on his own for too long with his overzealous trap on the island and with network of contacts helping him acquire what he needed. I’d heard of such types before. Who knows, maybe some of the stories I’d heard could have been referring to him. I’m young compared to most beings with their long lives so my suspicion was minimal. All I knew was that we had deals that needed to be made and this “gnome” was our best opportunity to get what we needed for our ship and that pesky mephit that has attached itself to it.

Of course that was interrupted by what I honestly at the time assumed to be rudeness. Rowen unleashing some strange snake creature that is apparently speaking to them. Madoc sneaking around seeming to look for more things to steal apparently not learning their lesson from the trap at the front door. And Snix Snak doing…. weird things to I assume detect magic? They were the only one I had any clue of what they were up to. As crazy as these fellows are however I do have to thank them. Thanks to all of them we discovered another room and the “gnome” Torran after breaking into tears over the treatment went out to make ironwood jewelry to try and “befriend” Rowan. Still Water for his part seemed entranced by the riches around us? Or maybe was just keeping out of the situation and distracting himself? I couldn’t really tell as everything else had my focus.

While everyone went to check out this room I went to talk to Torran to finally make arrangements to deal peacefully. I learned that Belgin apparently betrayed him in some way but with the visions he was having Torran seemed very interested in forgiving him. I’m still curious about this and will have to look into this. Either way he gave me a gift of jewelry and we had the makings of a deal in progress so with that I headed towards the backroom to keep the others from ruining it. When I arrived I found myself very glad that Torran didn’t notice where I was going as it very well could have saved our lives.

Rowan mentioned a voice calling from help down one set of stairs while the others went up. What we found down below was a Devil called Borridge in chains and imprisoned.  I’m not one to trust devils, legends describe them as evil incarnate and always looking to make deals that they can manipulate in their favor. They’ll keep their word maybe but it will always be the word that harms you most and helps them more. I was more than happy to leave him there but then Rowan wanted to free the creature. I was against it and we debated until the others returned. We soon learned from him an important fact. Torran was a devil too. I immediately cast aside the gold jewelry that was given to me. It couldn’t be trusted. I could only hope there wasn’t already a spell on me. Thankfully with it came information that would be our salvation.

As Snix Snak and Madoc worked on freeing the devil I asked about what they found. It turns out the source of the ice storm last night was in fact the Guardian of this island. This didn’t seem right however. A Guardian? Killing ALL life on the island including that of nature? This didn’t seem like  what the Guardians were supposed to be doing. It seemed arrogant but I had to speak to the Guardian about it. I wasn’t sure how it’d feel about Devils at the time but after speaking with it that answer was made clear. This devil was manipulating it under the guise of “helping” it. It was NOT pleased to say the least and demanded that our “gnome” friend be brought before it. Can’t say I liked the idea that we would have to destroy what we set out to find but this Guardian deserved the chance to redeem itself from this trickery.

We decided to lure the Devil to his doom here. Madoc threw a rock at the “gnome” down below and immediately confirmed its Devilish origins as it transformed immediately in response and ran up the tower in a rage only to be blasted with a bolt of cold energy, freezing it solid and finally finished by Rowan casting a spell that focused itself through the crystal. Something that was probably a mistake as the Guardian told us to run as magical energy built up eventually obliterating the Devil and freezing the whole tower. We managed to melt ways back in and out, gathered some treasure and headed back to the ship. It was going to be tough explaining why we went further up despite being told not to and what that explosion was. I just hope they weren’t especially good friends with this Torran and that the mephit isn’t too upset with us. Burning the ship to the ground wouldn’t end well for us. Our new snake and inky “friends” could be other potential problems but one thing at a time. I just know that we’re in for quite the scolding.


The Tilting Corridor – Lucan of the Green Veins

My head is in chaos. I cannot help but wonder what brought all of these people to the Arena. Was it the same things as me? Were they too drawn to this place out of the same motivations and needs as I have? The puzzles of this place seem to be a good focus for the mind, just as one can study all the blossoms in spring. Though later may also do the same with the leaves in fall and the snowflakes in winter.

The creatures were incredible in the way they were unlike anything I had actually seen before. The sheer amount of eyes was beyond belief. The use of magic unique. These are creatures I could study for ages, but that is not why I’m here.

Thankfully as I get closer to all those in my group I realize I belong here. Tertius, for instance, exhibits the same amount of brain as fight prowess despite his stature. Ouro and Suhn seem to have their own way of speaking, much that I have seen animals communicate without words in the wild. Then, of course, there is Falriel, as fey touched as she seems to be… she all seems to make me feel unfamiliar things. The whole experienced causes me pause and requires further meditation.

So we did it. We completed our rooms and are headed to the winner’s circle. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this entire experience in the arena is going to be one that makes me feel things I will not be used to, but it is beyond worth it. For now, I leave this thought in my journal.

The touch of a female made me feel things for the first time since I was a youngling.

The Shattered Gods

Deadlands by McMarvin

Where were we?

The deadlands, right.

We had to find a suitable body for a member of the Rhaxon family who was stuck in a very ugly one.

We were sent to the farming district and, once we got there, we saw there was a strange guy with half of his body covered in metal.

After talking with the metal guy for a while, another person appeared.

He told us that, if we wanted to go into the badlands, we would have needed a guide and, luckily, he knew just the guy.

Before meeting the guide, we had to go through a very strange “handsy” wall which grabbed us and left us on the other side.

When we had all been moved to the other side, we met our guide.

Tegan told him where we had to go and he led us there.

While he led us there, the guide started picking up metallic limbs and attaching them to himself.

We got to the tomb we were looking for and, while I was trying to open it, I got stuck upside down for a good 5-10 minutes.

Why does this kind of stuff always happen to me?

The other guys used me as a lever to open the tomb’s huge door. Once inside, we saw that the strange yellow crystal that was bothering us since we entered the badlands was actually the Rhaxon’s family member’s spirit.

The half-mechanical guy started talking to the system that was keeping the body half-alive and was able to release it, so that we could bring it back to the city.

In the mean time, our guide had collected so many body part that it had turned into a huge strange creature.

After defeating it, we went back to the city.


Day 8 – Tempest:

After leaving the College of Antiquities I discovered a book within my pack that was….moving. As it transpired, the book was once an elf from the Frozen Wastes, the secluded High Elven type, and their name is Torna. All it wants is to be free of its life as a book and in return it will gift life everlasting, something which Ashylum seems quite taken with. Oh, and apparently it was a group of genies that placed this curse on them, which makes me feel…..trepidatious.

The group also had much to say regarding the fate of the young girl Star and what she means for us. Monty warned caution about bringing such a young thing into a war but most of us seem to be in agreement that she is safest under the watchful eyes of Jezza’s father and Sandcarver’s daughter Elise. If she can identify the mystery metal for us then she may well prove crucial to the success of our mission.

A journey to the Turnkwik residence was next on the order of business and we went to investigate what happened there before Jezza’s mother left. What we found was their courtyard fountain flowing with blood. It became clear we were not alone, there were spirits with us and we promised to help “close the hole” within the fountain. What we discovered was not only a connection to the void but another small black statuette. It seems that not only are they collecting pieces of The Sundered One, but desecrating spots to create places of power in important places – this one at the heart of Gnerome. I am also concerned for Monty – the sight of the fountain seems to have caused a flare up in her elemental connection. I should speak to her about that.

Before moving on to the next step of our adventure, the group decided to try and kit up and use the coins of the Silver Palm that Dean Gimel gave us. This led us to the warehouse and an absolute sea of busy Ratfolk. Upon a throne was what I assumed was a broodmother. During our discourse with her this became quite apparent……as she gave birth whilst discussing our potential trade. This caused a paling in our two small friends, though I can’t say it shocked me. I’ve encountered things a great deal stranger in my travels.

Still, she will seemingly give us what we need. Now we just need to decide where we are going next to try and thwart Salazhar and his plan to eradicate all of known life….

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Catch up on our games from the eyes of the players themselves!


Keolith’s Diary

I can deal with the constant fighting, the lying companions and the hateful “allies” we are supposed to make. I have also learned to accept that those we are saving will never appreciate what we do for them, or indeed even respect us as people. The one thing which truly makes me want to give up, however, is that red clown thing. I cannot fathom what function it serves other than annoying us, as it certainly isn’t humor. After our fight with some local fauna it appeared, said some things, and then left. I will not validate its existence by discussing it further.

When we did manage to settle for food we decided to have an important conversation about trust. Let none say that when this group inevitably collapses into a chaotic and mistrustful mess that I didn’t try to stop it. The doctor claims she cannot trust us because of her past, while the snake selfishly seeks revenge for some prior infraction and will also trust no one. Lack of trust is not a strength, their burdens are a sign of true emotional weakness. Weakness does not win wars.

Why don’t people understand, I don’t care who you are or what has happened in your past, and neither should you. It is irrelevant. All that matters is the present, and how we can save the future. You cannot allow your past to define you, lest you become a slave to it. In that respect, there is a certain irony that the rat from a subservient race is actually the most free out of all of our new companions.

When the conversation was no longer of value I made my leave to find some food for Dragon. One thing led to another and now I am in a void of perpetual twilight, floating in the ruins of a dead city and orbiting an all-consuming black abyss. This is an inconvenience. I have also encountered some tiny inhabitants of this place. Hopefully, these creatures will have greater emotional fortitude than the doctor and the snake.


The Island of Ice – Rowen

Have you ever stared into the face of a god? Well today I have and it had lots of eyes, but before I get too into myself here’s what happened. Today the group and I met this weird little dark fairy thing and even though I’ve never seen one I felt some sort of connection. I also saw a mammoth that was neat. We then went to the weird frozen ice shop and saw this like zombie halfling…she was nice, and I helped the old man halfling with a ritual where I decided to be helpful and turn into a snake…gods love snakes I think? Other than that we are voyaging on the high seas, and I really hope we don’t die…

The Mephit and the Maiden – Madoc

This bright world stands still for much too long, the hours grow long and the great firey disk seems to hang low, ambling through the sky unlike the fleeting bands of light that I’m used to, they are pulled into the darkness should they delay, unlike this lazy ‘sun.’

I was musing on the comfort of adrenaline; for the monotonous cruise had dulled my senses and nothing had engaged us until a flock of seabirds took offense to the mutable one. While he embarrassed himself and the labyrinth dweller meditated I set about ensuring one of the smaller vessels could be utilized. Then the Tabaxi let out a cry, another ship on the horizon, an opportunity.

We observed their crew casting offerings into the ocean; coins, trinkets, food, goods. The shifter, Rowen explained the custom and that in Bakanuwa’s territory treasure hunters give a tithe to the waves though stealing their ship was fair game. After some debate, it was decided that a trade would be a better way of dealing with them than aggression but we had naught but the contents of a small chest we had yet to open. I tried to open the chest and was assailed by chains that held fast until some deliberation with Calcifer a fire mephit that felt blighted by the old ones agreed to serve us if we helped him expand his elemental form.

Once the molten imp had found new form as an iron drake at the stern of the ship and was quiet for a bit our attention was drawn to a ship in the distance, the last offering was a maiden hurled from the deck and swiftly sinking. I followed as Rowen and Stillwater charged off to break their own rules and bring that which was cast away aboard our own ship. It was then that the undead monstrosity revealed it’s true nature and started attacking with fell strength and strange hair-nonsense. I landed blow after blow but each seemed to dull against its profane flesh, the silver tentacles of the moon’s rays that Rowen called down showed the extent of its ghastly form and Stillwater was able the wrestle the creature into the waiting maw of Calcifer.

With the creature vanquished and my two floundering crewmates brought back from the brink I set about reasoning why this thing still haunted the world, I suspected a talisman similar to the halfling Bessie’s would be to blame. Upon discovering a locket I asked Stillwater if it was a symbol of the old ones or held any value, the old fool Belgin took it and threw it away as offering “A tithe for receiving the body of the zombie” or some such idiocy. Rejecting this I dove into the waves and reclaimed the locket.

The curse took effect suddenly and locked me into a moment of my past I thought I had stowed away and made peace with, losing six members, half of them blood and knowing that the costly decision I had made was the right one. Eventually, Bakanuwa released me, I suppose she thought I had learned a lesson or that my resolve was shaken by this.

Upon returning to the ship, and despite Stillwater and Rowen offering ‘aid’ we discussed that we had learned nothing, Bakanuwa is an unknowable mistress that is as fickle as the tide and it’s pointless to try to make sense of this bright world.

At the behest of Calcifer we now head towards a nearby island seeking another probably mad zealot that will explain how to free him, we travel as aimlessly as the sun it seems.

A few of the ever-changing laws of the old ones that I have fallen afoul of:
Leave that which is cast away beneath the waves
Chests guarded by mephits are out of bounds
The grave-bound are mercurial and kept ‘alive’ by the old ones
Survival of the old ones’ followers is of little consequence

The Freezing Forest – Still Water

We found ourselves tested upon an island. By day warm and beautiful, by night a cold that bites..that hunts. A simple fire could not keep it at bay, four trees had to burn to help us get through the night. We climbed to a lighthouse, source of the cold. Little voidborn was drawn into a trap trying to steal. I laughed..a little. Talked to golden gnome inside, he knows Belgin. Must learn more, why so deadly a defense for an island in the middle of nowhere? Curious.


An excerpt from the manuscript Memoirs of a Kingslayer Chapter 3- The Flood

Another room, another victory. This was closer than I’d like, 3 buttons in 3 places made it clear the intent was to force us to split up. It was effective enough, Tertius and Suhn’vel to one side, Falriel and Lucan at the other, I pressed the center button myself. This caused the room to begin filling with water, and beasts and undead began to form from the foamy sea water. Basilisks, beholderkin, mummies, and another beast I’ve not seen before, quilled and hungry. At first, things looked dire but as we began to meet toward the middle the tide of battle turned. Lucan was nearly turned to stone, Suhn’vel was separated the longest, by the time I found her in the tail end of the battle she’d somehow climbed the central brazier. Falriel fell briefly but was restored by the grace of whatever god Lucan worships. Tertius being..not of tall stature, had a terrible time in the water. As for myself, I took the opportunities I could to deliver my assault, alternating from spell to bow to sword as necessary. When all was done, we stood..weary and bloodied..but of our own accord. As a sidenote it seems the magics of the arena are not completely infallible, I drew a penalty by continuing to move after we were meant to be paralyzed. I must not do that again. Let them forget..this may prove important later.

Thoughts of Tertius lavius Hilarius of the Twin Shires – Mirror’d Light

“I don’t understand how it could come to this…
I’ve been doing everything in the arena to the best of my abilities and yet, even though he’s not here, I feel the staring gaze of my king upon me. Just as if he expected more of me like he always does.

More blood. More brutality. More death. Always more.

Sometimes I even felt like I was not in command of my own actions. Just like an ordinary cultist, slaughtering everything in his path, possessed by his twisted god.

I feel weak.

With every step I take, I can feel the cold grasp of the dirt beneath my feet pulling me closer and closer.

Is it supposed to end like this?”

A piece of rotten tomato dribbles down his neck, clearing his mind in an instant.

“Driven to the brink of insanity by a gem puzzle? What kind of career ending would that be?

I, the one who struck down the mighty Minotaur of Tharinar, defeated by some shiny stones?!

My King is the only one who decides my fate, and anyone who dares to deny my king the right to see my death shall be sent to the dust in a storm of blood and gore!

The Shattered Gods

Report by Keeva

Dealing with Deheart is much like playing chess. Or a tango. I do love a good dance, and Deheart has proven himself a worthy partner. Signed my name in blood. My impression of him has changed, and that is rather hard to do. However, if you have skin in the game, you stay in the game…I plan on gifting him three trinkets of the goddess…from my personal collection. I bargained for two…a third will be a gift of a professional union. A political wedding gift, more or less. It is time to join our two factions. Perhaps he and I both can get what we want.

Tegan has returned. I am gladdened by this reunion with her. She is a very clever person. She can help me navigate people better. Arthur…I am still concerned about him. I can only hope he is okay with his new eye color. It’s flattering really.

Jester turned my jelly babies into wriggling things. Foul. However, even with his tricks, I worry for him. I see cracks in his jolly face…Perhaps being in the game too long wears us down. Perhaps he needs a holiday.

One last note…since we are going to the Dead Lands, I have left a will for Jester to find. I do not wish my Mother to find out…Too much is at stake here. My Successor is named there…They will know what to do.


Day 7 / 8 – Monty:

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. That is what I have been taught, as a monk. I accept this practice and meditate upon the teachings given to me. I think outwardly towards my companions. Can they learn this lesson? I hope to guide them as I hope they will guide me. We all face difficult times ahead.

I am saddened by Salazar’s betrayal. My heart is burdened with that, and one day, we all must confront him. It is a day I do not look forward to. I regarded him as a teacher, a Master I could learn under. Now, his thoughts and heart intend to poison others. Justification must be delivered in this respect.

The Tomb was a place of reverence…The Guardian I finished was prayed over by myself, to send back to its maker.

Before that…I heard whispers…a warning, perhaps a taunt, towards my fears. Losing control over these gifts of fire is a secret not many knows. My fear of destroying everything around me threatens to erupt…I must meditate further on this. In the meantime, my tattoo burns an angry sunset red. It also has cast doubts I believe, into my companions minds about me. I cannot blame them, and why should I? It is what it is.

A Void Fey appeared in the Tomb as well. Spoke riddles of us dying. Naturally, we all die. It is rather unavoidable…perhaps in the manner in which we die is the sport it seeks. I fail to understand this logic. There is no sport in watching people die. Death should be honored and held in reverence, not mindlessly thrown about.

Lastly, I will meditate upon Jezza. Personal conflict will lead to an irrational mind. Her mother is a rather sour spot on the Dear Bard’s mind and heart…I do not wish her to fall into a dark place. With Jester saving her father, Jezza will have to make an impossible choice, one I can only hope will be correct. It is not easy to take a life, nor is it easy to spare it when that life belongs to someone who has betrayed your trust. What path she chooses is one she can walk with us part of the way…however, she will eventually have to walk it alone. I can only hope she is ready when that time comes.

I knew I was unbalanced when I spurned Lilliana and rose to her bait. She may not realize it, but she did teach me a lesson, even as I threw her to the ground. I’m struggling and becoming untethered. I hope the bruises I earned today remind me of what I have done to Lilliana, as a reminder of needing to be patient. Her jabs about my father have cut deep. Deeper than I thought…I had hoped to move pass the taunts, the questions about myself…but they keep coming back. Perhaps I need to confront them at long last.
The others in my group have made way in their paths if a bit messy. We gained a few new, smaller companions. A unicorn hamster, and an air genie that insists to follow me about. I’m…delighted.
Our rouge has made my father furious…I am…pleased a bit. Father could use someone to match wits with. A clever rouge, or a reckless one…I have yet to see.
The Kyrella and Tempest seemed to come at an impasse. About what, they will have to tell me…I had taken our most unbalanced member away to read. She used magic against me…it was odd. Perhaps I scared her…Perhaps we need to reunderstand our roles here. I cannot teach that doesn’t want to be taught.

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Dr. Kinnley’s Notes

Being underground for 50 years has its toll on those who are surface dwellers. Perhaps my research, my drive has made me forget the stars, the fresh air, and the natural dangers above ground. As a Wood Elf…I am ashamed to admit I have forgotten the face of the Mother Earth. My heart sang once again at the sight of trees, grass, and starry sky. I feel the grime of the Underdark falling away from me the further I venture.
The idea of going above ground was thrilling…I hid my excitement behind stuffing a test subject into my bag of holding. I almost had another, however, I could not convince the others to kill the drow, so I let it be. However, now on the surface world, we are met with a yuan-ti, one who demands respect. Well… not from me, though as chosen as they may be. Speaking of which…I’ve not earned favor from Keo. I have actively lied to him and the others, so…it is fair for them to distrust me. I am a distrustful sort of my own making.
A curious thing occurred, aside from my Patron marking me again; we, the group and I met the Corruption. It was…clever. Far more than I had previously studied. It…pushed us into a larger patch of Corruption. It was organized. It was…almost a pack mentality. If it can advance this far, creating plant people, using things to…build, how far is it away from speaking? Being on a higher level of intelligence? Fighting and organizing. It spells trouble. I wonder if we are going about this the wrong way. I wonder if it is too late to communicate. Most likely.
I will need to speak with my Patron. He would want to know of this if he is not already aware. For now. I will protect my group. I have many questions to answer.


Diary of Tertius Flavius Hilarius of the Twin Shires

“I feel like I’m getting older… My memory is a little blurry these days and every time I start drinking I have the weirdest dreams… I was in the winner’s circle with The Piper and we killed one keg after another. For all I know, i took it like the champ that I am, but after I stopped drinking to head back to our rooms… I don’t know if I should trust my mind on this, but I remember that I saw an old lady in our bed, a bloodied dead but not actually a dead man on the floor and Falriel. Well, Falriel didn’t seem to be certain about whether she should float around or crawl on the floor. She was really split on this….
Obviously, i was hallucinating. To my surprise, Ouro decided to help me with that and handed me a bottle of something that smelled like the strongest liquor I ever had. After taking a few sips I could already feel the hallucinations fade away and the firm grasp of slumber started to take hold of me.

I woke up to the rattling of armor and tightening leather straps as my companions were starting to prepare for the upcoming day. “Finally, a day in the arena,”I thought to myself and picked up my gear to get ready as well.

As we set foot in the arena I was expecting an actual fight, but all we had to battle were super heavy stone blocks and the incompetence of everyone else. Even though I’m surprised by our newcomer Lucan, he doesn’t look like much compared to me, but he’s got the brains to make up for it. Speaking of brains… I really hope that I get to kill something that has one because everyone can paint a picture with blood, but you know that you’re facing a real artist if he pulls it off with brain matter.

Notes to self:
Never stop drinking when you’re hallucinating.
Drop a rock on Ouros foot.
Beat up the guy who threw that goddamn rock at me.
Find something with a brain to kill

The Shattered Gods

Report by Keeva

First off, how Jester sussed out my feelings…No, they’re obvious to a being like Jester. Jellybabies aren’t cheap in the city, and I only ever buy them for myself and him. So…That’s that. He knows. What would a being like him care about a mortal? It’s not like I’m barred from death. I doubt he would follow me across the stars. I digress.

I’m not entirely sure why Mother sent me out into the field. I’m not a deceptive person…however, perhaps she saw devious side. I used it well, against Deheart. I may have tilted my hand, but I got what I wanted…and a new tool for the Whisper Network. Playing Deheart’s game will give the Whisper Network more information than we previously had on him. Building bridges indeed. I know what he wants now. I know how to work him now. Mother can be angry at me later.

I am concerned about Praxius. He’s…Deheart has given him what he’s wanted. I need to talk to him once I find Praxius. Perhaps we can come to an agreement…

Speaking of which. Echo…I thought I knew him once upon a time. He’s a flirtatious spy…A good one at that. I don’t mind him. He’s good at his job, and he did the right thing in denying he worked for the Whisper Network. I can spin the tale he’s a hired gun…nothing more. I have to keep my people safe…right?


Day 7 – Kyrella:

After a bit of time maneuvering the light of the sun and the light of Belenos onto the shell of Tortles, the group clambers down into the crypt.

In the entrance, the group is greeted by a door with a crystal handle. Jezza did her best to speak with the door. After a few moments of staring blankly at the door, she grabbed the handle and promptly disappeared.

Ash, ever the daring sort, followed suit.

“Oh dear, vaporized or not, perhaps that is not the path to go.”

The few left behind discussed the situation and decided to see if the light of Belenos would assist them again. As the light shone through the room, the door handle turned from crystal into metal.

Moving through several rooms, the group meet up into a ball of insects and a particularly devilish rat.

“Bite me, will you? Then feel the burning hands of a Tiefling!”

A few moments later, they stumble into a room with murals upon the walls. The image of the manger is crystal; the light of Belenos assists again and Kyrella notices the name Fenna appearing on a wall.

“The crypt of a natural born gnome Cleric of the Old Gods? Perhaps their name was Fenna!”

On and on the group goes, lighting braziers as they pass being surprised by traps and wonderous rooms and pounced upon by gooey winged creatures.

Courageously, they fight and during the battle, they hear a loud thunderous sound coming from a nearby door.

Once the creature is defeated, the group follows the sound of thunder. To their great surprise, they stumble across their missing friends.

“It seems the crystal has a teleportation ability. What other properties may it possess?”

Moving on, through more hallways and traps, the group finds themselves alone in a small room with a hideous pitiful creature.

“I was expecting company, I didn’t think it would be so soon. Welcome to your demise.” The adventurers stare in horror at the creature.

“What horrors await us now?”

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Mez – Chosen of Bakanuwa

The news of Godwakers run through the minds of my fellow Ratfolk but other matters hold my attention, so I deafen my mind to the prattle of the telepathathy.
A sudden noise of what little followers I have left draws me away from the organization of my scrolls. What I see before me may be my salvation from the ones who think only knowing one subject is best and that their subject holds the answer to our predicament.
These people seek a teleportation circle and the one I find resides in a stall of a rat that I owe many favors too me owing him one more isn’t a bad thing.
I found out that one of my precious books held more secrets in it well physically in it. Found an interesting cogwheel and a crystal.
I got to ride a broom of flying it was fun and exciting the fellow that allowed me to seem very knowledgeable
Upon seeing Ratfolk ganging up against Ratfolk isn’t an unusual sight but I find one friend and convince him to help deter the rest of the rabble.
All I have to say is my sister is gonna kill me and having a sister who’s choice of knowledge is poisons well I hope she understands why I have to do this it’s for the greater good.
We used the teleportation circle and we find ourselves in a room filled with devices all I want to see and figure out how they work


Dairy of Ouro Bo’ros

“Falriel’s drunken escapade resulted in complication and realization. McNiernan stole a doll from her with sentimental value. Suhn’vel and I went to retrieve it. The man, if it is a man, approached us from the winner’s circle. I tried a different tact, speaking to him “man to man” as the humans refer to it. No tricks, no guile, I merely asked he return the elf’s property. The fact that he did so so easily made me nervous. This instinct was proven correct as we soon discovered that the doll’s enchantments had been messed with. The extent of which was not made clear until Suhn managed to dispel a secondary transmutation effect hidden beneath the first. The doll turned into a man, known to us as Morrison. We were already looking after his wife, a lovely elder woman. Morrison is currently bleeding out on the floor, and i find myself wishing nothing more than to find McNiernan and indulge in a level of sadism that a devoted worshipper of demons might find to be a bit much. Why do I care? These people are a means to an end, nothing more. The mission is what is important. I cannot lay a hand upon the noble without jeopardizing our purpose. Suhn is trying to stop Morrison’s bleeding at our feet as we speak. Perhaps it won’t be by my hand..but McNiernan needs to understand one thing very clearly if this is ever to work; these people are MY means to an end and I do not share toys.

The Shattered Gods

Report by Keeva

Fieldwork is not my strongest area of understanding. I much rather be a desk jockey as I deal in information and secrets better than fighting or interactions with others. I much rather keep the company of Jester. At least his chaos is understandable and a nice break from minor monotony. And on top of it, Max, one of the clones we met in the toy shop, tried to out spy me…that proved poorly on her part as I am a salt lord when someone tries to outclass me at my profession. I mean…being partnered with an old AI thing isn’t all bad…for me. Bad for Max, but I’m fine. So is MacMarvain. We both agreed we should not raise plants, children, or robots together as we have damaged or lost two of the three together on our own. On the other hand, I have so many questions for Arthur. I’m starting to see why Mother would want him into the Network.


Lanaris & Fair Harbor

Lanaris returned to the tavern with her band as they plotted their next move after facing the Imposter. Little happened throughout the day, however, as there were far too many conversations at one time to focus on. However, when she retired to her room for a quick rest, she had heard a rather annoying voice from outside the hallway. Peeking out she saw a small halfling in front of the room of Tofur. Before being able to cast her Silence spell, they entered the room, and finally, she was able to get her peace and quiet.

Some time flew by and she swiftly grew bored. Having heard about the library in the town, she decided to set out to find it, happening to run into Darius by chance. Learning that he is also on his way to the library, she decided to follow along. Along the way she learned Darius is wishing to find books on Demons and trying to make conversation with her fellow party member, she admitted she was looking for text on the Old Ones.

However, due to certain restrictions on some missing books, they were forced to return to the tavern with Kyrai the Librarian, since the halfling that Lanaris witnessed earlier that day was the one who had the books. Through a bit of an argument, the halfling, Crell, returned with us to the library, and they were finally able to look for their books…..almost. Kyrai asked them to sign a contract in blood, but through some haggling from the Diplomatic Side of Lanaris, she at the very least managed to talk it down to Kyrai watching her and Darius study their books.

Even that was brought to a swift end however as a Trapped smoke bomb is set off, interrupting their readings. Knowing a fight is about to quickly ensue, Darius and Lanaris got ready for a battle as they rushed into where the smoke bomb was set off…


Day 6 & 7 – Jezza:

And now it’s time foooooooor Jezza’s truth! … With me, Jezza.
Firstly, I would like to note the people with LOTS of patience, one such person is Monty. She was tested by the gauntlet… (gauntlet = my mother). My uppity, demanding mother nearly talked her ear off.

Secondly, karma… I decided that Monty deserved a reward for suffering such discomfort. My mom is new money, a snob. How do you get back at somebody like my mother? Like this: I sent the very elderly dwarf woman that has lost her son, to stay with my mother. I also let EVERYONE know at the university about how concerned my mother is for the troubled, the needy, and downtrodden of Gnerome. So…. She has to accept Emra into our home. If she doesn’t, everyone will take note and that would not do at all. She won’t risk her reputation. hehe…hehehe… MUWAHAHAHAHA…. Hey! Don’t judge me! The world might be ending ya take pleasure where EVER ya can find it.

What else…. Ash got trolled by a god who made him relive the same day over and over again. I don’t think he really learned his lesson in the end though, I’m sure he will carry on doing what he does.

I returned the flying carpet…. Sheesh being a good daughter is troublesome.
Something also cool, I was quoted today! I think ya know ya made it as a bard when someone quotes ya. Tempest said, “as Jezza would say if she was here, I believe in coincidences but I do NOT trust them.” Mom would be proud…… if she cared.
I’m making progress I haven’t taken any of Kyrella’s veils/shawls in the past 2 days. Instead, I’m now taking Monty’s candy…. This might be my biggest failing, my greatest flaw, borrowing veils and eating my colleague’s candy.

Er… again I’m re-reading this and all of this reads like the rantings of someone having a sunstroke… THE END

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