Traitors Gate: Prequel

Previously on…Traitors Gate

All but one of the TG group were abducted by a group of unknown assailants while walking the city’s board walks.  Riley had eluded her captor and sought assistance from her drinking buddies in the Grapnel Guard for a way in to where she believed the rest of her group had been taken. With reluctant assistance she broke into the cleaning closet and broom in hand rescued Remy from captivity. He alerted her to the interrogation of Kieren by their captors in the next room.

Without a plan they burst in on Kieren recovering from drugs used in the torture process. A swift, but messy fight concluded in the rescue of Kieren, only to have his religious icon ripped through his chest by a hand made of pure shadow. Upstairs Samuel negotiated with their captor, his teacher a guide, Scarlett from Cymer College. She knew of his true identity, and why he was being blackmailed and claimed to know of what his blackmailer’s avatar, the construct Jester, actually was.

This forced his hand and agreed that they all would help her. She escorted him down to the others, completely un-phased by the gore in the torture chamber. He told them of the situation and before anyone could reply, Scarlet had commanded them all to clean the room, which included disposing of Keiren’s body. Samuel’s decision to use fire resulted in using Riley’s memorene vial, causing both Samuel and Riley  to have a shared dream state of long buried memories.

After they awoke the three discussed the terms of the new agreement with each other, now with complete honesty. Samuel revealed himself to be called Mason, Riley was in fact Sera, and Remy, Victor. They revealed to each other the reason they were blackmailed so it could not be used against them. They knew they couldn’t trust Scarlett, even if she had prevented their blackmailer from finding them. They knew this was temporary, a forced bribe but whatever happened, they would eventually escape Scarlett’s contract and take revenge on their blackmailer.

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