Andreas Walters – ‘Ninth World Assassins’


127725.jpgD: Can you tell us a little about your background in Table Top RPGs?

A: Started playing in middle school with D&D third edition, played that and 3.5 until about high school until our GM became “too cool to be geek.” From there I took over GMing, I remained playing predominately playing D&D (Occasionally playing Star Wars Saga and Mutants & Masterminds) until until Monte Cook kickstarted Numenera, which was where the real change happened.

D: What has been your favourite to play?

A: Although I have relatively limited gaming diversity experience, I would say I have had a lot of fun with D&D 3.5 and Star Wars Saga, despite its broken mechanics (which I personally fixed).

D: Do you have a moment that you will always remember from a game?

A: two session mega-battle against Asmodeus, where the players Mephistopheles asked for the players help to free Levistus and help him take down the Lord of Hell. Mephistopheles took the crown as Lord of Hell and the players got the 7th layer (Levistus got the 8th).

D: What have been your inspirations?

A: Computer: Warcraft 2 & 3, Heroes III of Might & Magic, Elderscrolls Series (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim)

Videography: Firefly Series, Ghost In the Shell, all Miazaki Movies, Stargate, and Star Wars  

RPG: 3.0 Forgotten Realms Handbook

Books: Redwall series, Michael Criton books, Dragon Lance series.

D: Can you tell us a little about Metal Weave Games?

A: We’re small company making big things. Originally we were Knowlege of the Ninth, as some of you may remember from the Ninth World Hub days. I started out by learning how to PDF peoples content in a professional manner. And from there when the Numenera Limited License was announced, I made Ninth World Assassins, and continued creating.

D: What attracted you to the Cypher System?

A: Well, I was just getting into twitter, and this whole thing about Numenera was blowing up my feed thought it was spammy like the rest of the kickstarters I saw, but it seemed to get quite a bit more attention, so I checked it out and liked the concept.

D: What was the concept behind Ninth World Assassins  and how did it come about?

A: Initially it was just going to be a short supplement of poisons (since the book had listed poison as both cypher and equipment). In addition, if I was to make a poison, there wasn’t really any guidance on such matters. I thought doing some foci would be good too, and I just kept adding to it until it felt like a real supplement.

D: Can you give a brief overview on the creation process?

A:  So a lot of it comes down to recording all your ideas somewhere and then developing them. I have a lot of ideas, lots of them, its just a matter of making

For example, Organization Membership, the corebook lists quite a few organizations and I saw that their membership perks were really weak. Yeah you could probably do more with roleplay, but the problem is that if the player dosen’t know what options are available to him, he may never use them to the potential he could have. So I created a guild system that would allow the guild to take a more active role in campaigns without making the guild everything that’s going on.

D: Is there anything you are particularly proud of in Ninth World Assassins ?

A: I’m actually quite proud of this book, poisons are the poster child, however I do want to give a shout-out to the foci and guild system

D: Is there anything of your own you would recommend if they like Ninth World Assassins ?

A: I like to create diverse works, so the content of everything that I have produced so far have been quite different from each other. Naval Encounters was done in a similar manner to ninth world assassins but put a greater focus on the weird vessels of the ninth world.

D: What else have you developed for the Cypher System?

A: I published the Mechanical Bards Ninth World Tales, Naval Encounters and Naval Perils; Cloak and Dagger (The Strange) and Southern Sorrows (Numenera Module) will release soon too.

D: Is there anything you are working on at the minute?

A: Lots of things, currently the Baby Bestiary, Scavengers, Non-Player Cards, and our cypher licenses, Cloak and Dagger and Southern Sorrows.

D: Are you writing for other systems? If so what?

A: Creating new systems is some of the things we do, for instance Scavengers which just got funded on kickstarter. We’re also looking into doing some writing for Savage Worlds.

D: Any plans for the future?

A: We have lots of plans, unfortunately we cannot discuss any of our cypher-system plans until they come under license. All I can say is to keep an eye on us, we’re very busy working on new games, game supplements and systemless game aids. 

D: I just want to say thank-you for being an inspiration and being core to my Numenera Universe. (Any further comments?)

A: You were pretty thorough, thanks for the interview.