The Lost Expedition Special

The Shattered Gods(6)

Professor Alvric Summerrock

Bloody idiots making a bloody mess out of bloody everything. It’s been three days now since we first set off on our expedition, countless hours of us heading deeper underground only to be told that we had to go back to resupply. Fools and idiots! Where were the resupply caches? Faras our supposed leader, who couldn’t find his own nose even if he tried, flew again into a hot rage when I questioned him on why we were heading back up. We returned to where we first entered this part of the subterranean labyrinth expecting to find the resupply group, but to our surprise and horror our entry point had been sealed and the site abandoned.
A great rock stood in our way had been laced by magics that even I couldn’t break. So with that, we decided to head back into the tunnels once again, this time however in search of another way out. We’ve also been accompanied on this journey by another researcher by the name of Elva, a pretty little thing who’s chosen subject is the very lay lines we seek. It was unfortunate however that one of our party Brom would get Elva drunk in an attempt to calm her fears which then led to her being carried most of the distance. Along the way, Faras seemed to become more unhinged and any question to his orders would result in his anger. Exhaustion hit us and we decided to make camp and it is now in my tent that I am writing this. Arguments exploded about our situation which resulted in Faras lashing out at me with a flying cup. I can sense Brax is uneasy about this situation as he bobs up and down. I shall send him out to scout, better to be safe than sorry.

Khalid Irefrost

Ah… one thing after another. Half our company is mad, the other half is dead or missing. We fled the spider, had to get to safety, packed up camp and retraced our steps to the higher caverns. Things were… dif ferent. The stone shifted, pressed in around us; slowly at first, but rushing in to crush us, took the Professor’s arm… I’m sorry for him, I hope we can find our way home and restore him. We risked going ahead, no spider but far worse troubles.We made camp, but it seems we all shared a dream of a crystal, trapped before it was shattered. When we woke, we soon found a similar crystal. The Professor took some, touching it turned his remaining hand black. Moving on, all we found was giant bats, bugs and more of that peculiar crystal; growing, apparently. I won’t miss these caves.

Glorn Stonebraider

Day 3, or 4, or perhaps 5. I lost count, and… Elva. Farris turned a murderous traitor. We encounter death on every corner. Moradin be blessed, the souls of the fallen. The dreams we’ve been having become increasingly more disturbing. These crystals are affecting us somehow. When I asked our Allfather for guidance, all I perceived was the anvil, his emblem, burning and melting as arrows hailed upon it. We got to get out of here and fast.

Then there were the bats. Screaming, so loud. Alvric seems to be very unstable, hammering on bloody rocks the entire time we were assaulted! We smacked the bats, Torrig and I. Teamwork. Well… I thought I could count on him but it appears he too is losing himself. We crossed a deep chasm with a makeshift bridge. I saw… something…. down there, nearly fell into the depths. But we all managed to get across. And then, out of nothing, I see Torrig wanting to push Khalid off the ridge!

After interposing and shaking Torrig back to his senses, I detected some disease lingering in Torrig… and Bromdrus as well… Bromdrus? He doesn’t seem phased whatsoever by anything, like a rock in a river… yet… is Khalid my only brother I can rely on now? We must stick together. If we fall apart, then hope to escape is lost. We enter a crystal cave. I told Torrig to stay behind but he decides to wander off and touch that red crystal. As I see him being overtaken by some evil magic, an iron voice echoes into my mind. I feel like a nail hammered in wood as I am forced to bow and grovel, and while I stare at the ground, I hear them coming.

Bromdrus The Cook

The voices and thoughts that dance in my mind scare me there are a few hours maybe a day that I can’t recall. Dwarves are oppressors down with oppression. I don’t recall writing that but it is my handwriting…. why am I adding these strange crystals to our food No One Trusts No one …. The professor is acting weird… I never did find out how he lost his arm maybe It was during my blackout shh no worries everything is just okay taint them make them like us Strange urges to taint my compatriots is tugging at my mind I must taint them they must become like me hehehehehehehehehehehehe We are fighting crystals … now ourselves I am so confused Down with the oppressor, down with the oppressor

~ The text becomes to hard to read after this point