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The Shattered Gods(7)

Uncertain Bearings – Sumael

We headed out into the forest today, in search of the woman spirit that was terrorizing the people of this land. Before we departed each of us finished our preparations and I heard many of the others having a last conversation with their families, Fafnir seemed especially upset. We ended up leaving better prepared than I had anticipated. Several members of the tribe graced us with their help. Our weapons, enchanted by Deimos’ caretakers, the items Nix has prepared, the bones Midnight received from the old gnomish seer and the charms that Elra bestowed unto me will help us greatly, I’m sure. I was worried, honestly, that Deimos and Skrub would keep up their shenanigans after we entered the forest but they quieted down as things got serious. Even so we ran into trouble very soon. What first seemed like simply melting snow falling down on us revealed itself to be some creature stalking and harassing us when a whole branch fell on Deimos and was left with visible claw marks.

We tried to investigate it further, Nix going as far as to climb into one of the trees but it didn’t yield anything useful. These marks however, resembling feline claws, reminded me of a story I’ve been told further south, when I was still a soldier. Of a terrifying creature of the woods. I shared that story with the others after Nix asked me to. I shouldn’t have in hindsight. Something seemed to have tipped Deimos off and he suspects me now. I wish nobody had ever found out but I’ll have to deal with this now. For now I seem to have managed to convince the rest of them at least that I’m nothing but a normal human. Thankfully we managed to lay that issue to rest – at least for the moment and carried on shortly after.

Later we came upon a ragged outlook in a tree when we reached the edge of the forest, where it met the Tundra and you could see all the way to the Gleaming City. Nix and Skrub were sent up and promptly found a box up there that was magically trapped. I didn’t expect it from them but they managed to safely disable the trap – after which they threw both the trinkets they found in the box as well as the box itself over the side of the platform. I would’ve complained about their carelessness but that will have to wait because after the box hit the ground we were interrupted by laughter. A menacing cackle from the treetops and a toothy grin in the shadows.
We who set out to hunt monsters where found by another. Now it is the Wendigo we face.


Tertious on rats, elves and toy dragons

A six-room arena run. This is a risk that is going to be worth it, but I pray that everyone will manage to get through this together. We have to be careful with our resources, but it is clear that the Arena is done messing with us. A beholder type creature was sent against us this time for our very first room, and it was clear that they wanted us dead from the start. Ray after ray of attacks were set loose upon us, paralysis, fear, slow down. It was all horrible. And to poor Ouro, a ray that nearly seared through his whole body. Nearly though.

Managing to live through it, I was able to perform an old tavern song to disguise a spell to cure his wounds for the distance we were apart, only to later be followed up by a ray from the horrific beast. Fear over took me. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t get close or bring myself to attack. But to those who were still fighting, I had to help in some way. I had to do something. I laced some words together I learned from an old friend, magic enchanting my speech. Luckily, the gods actually managed to favor me as the creature fell down and began laughing like a fool. Though I was still feared, I knew my allies would not have to worry. I kept my concentration on the spell for them as it could not recover, watching my allies hack it to pieces with their weapons. Within moments, the beast collapsed into nothing more than a lifeless corpse, until we all saw it start glowing.

As quickly as it appeared, it suddenly burst into rapid explosion of green flares. Myself and Ouro were luckily far enough away to not be effected, but the others were caught in a major blast of energy. As the beholder exploded and the flames died down, we all saw….candy around the arena. Unsure of what the meaning of this was, and also not really caring, I proceeded to the stair case to move further down into what I believed was a dark room. Luckily my new bow, no, my family member Narsinth, was able to help light the way for me partially. Not enough to truly matter, but enough to were I could see my hand in front of me. Sadly though, I wish I didn’t use his light. For we all saw a murder scene, and sadly this is our next room. A murder mystery. Alas, we must plan through this properly in case there are any traps with this puzzle that would ruin our lives.

Signed: Suhn’Vel Aramathine Stellar

The Shattered Gods

The Rep – The Director of the Whisper Network, Mistress Keeva’s Entry:

I’m wonderfully blinded in one eye now…I suppose if I am going to play the part of the Spy I should at least look like a Spy. Haha…At least the ice is off my face. Though the encounter with the beast that caused our construct to laser my eye out was less than amusing, I’ll survive, as will the others. Tegan found an…Well…I’m not entirely sure what Stella is. A Navigation Sales Rep? Sounds absurd, honestly. However, Stella is sweet and curious. She takes to the truth better than most…I fear I was brutally honest with her about her missing people and workers. Tegan and our newest companion seem…Well. Mordin…I see him now for what he is…he puts up a brave face, and that is admirable. His break down over being covered in horrible goo and dust…He is simply a man with great and terrible powers. One I will protect, as I will protect McMarvin and Tegan the best I can.

Speaking of Tegan…Her curiosity is venturing into the dangerous. Stepping close to the truth and then exposing it is something the Whisper Network has worked hard to conceal. I will talk to her and give her an option. It…is the kindest thing I can do for her. I have watched her grow so much and have become very proud of her boldness she exhibits. McMarvin…He carries the dangers of the Sun Demon with him. I wish I could help him. His cleverness in building things has cost us. Stella, the wonderful being, had told us she had been in contact with the Sun Demon, that she has new orders and been reassigned. I fear for her…I fear even more for her now that she has been taken. A loss we all will surely suffer for.

I…Another loss on my hands. My fingers are stained red now, and they will never be the same. I cannot lead the dead…I fear I will be if I don’t act faster. I have an entire city of people…and I have failed so many of them. We must rebuild. That is my resolve. We must survive.


Day 10 – Monty:

The world separates and I see Five Black Feathers. The fractured sides of black and white run jagged like a spider web. Reality falls and I’m standing in a sea of nothing as screams of dwarves echo in my head. I am slipping further and further away from the tangible as my fingers run from sand into dust. Laughing mouths and black eyes, the curling grin of a cat with predatory stare as the dead are burned or buried. A weakness I have not felt in years. It exposes a raw nerve and I forget myself, and shame my Da. I have failed my friends. Perhaps even the new life we bring into our folds…a mana worm. In a moments meditation, I tried to find peace, turning towards the familiar, and familial. The soft feathers of the Bird Woman soothed the jumbled mess of thoughts for a moment…just for a moment, and then once more…I saw Five Black Feathers, and my sanity waned. The gifts given to us gained new power…I am cautious…but for how long? Will I lose my sanity as my Father did? For now…I must focus outwards…My strength is given to my friends. I see Five Black Feathers…

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