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The ‘Good’ Doctor’s Notes

Far-flung from the dark halls I’ve grown accustomed to, my companions and I find ourselves walking the ancient ruins of the Old Dwarves, with our Void Fey travelers. They are…less than adapt to stationary survival. So far one or two have managed to kill themselves, and I’m starting to feel sorry for them. Glory and I manage to convince the Fey that Glory was having a child. I don’t think I laughed that hard in years. Diving into the ancient city we found a child…a baby in a cage. Part of me…a very small part of me cursed the lack of magic I had access to…I needed a rest and couldn’t blip over to it…I wanted to help the child…however I’m glad I didn’t. It had turned my companions against each other. I went up and called lightening upon it, exploding its head. What I didn’t know was its trickery, and it having stolen Keo’s mind. Keo faced death at my hands, and I feel guilty. Fortunate, Glory, Mes, and myself brought him back…Glory stabbed him to bring him back, but I find it better not to question their odd relationship. They seem happy together, and who am I to rob them of that? We took a rest, where I was brought an egg…that turned out to be a traitor in a baby form. Burned me and summoned fire elementals and friends. Some quick thinking and clever bits on Glory’s part, the foes fell. We are moving deeper in to find this fey child…Perhaps we should just follow Keo’s thoughts and kill the fey and saddle up with the Old Dwarves. It could save us and the world.

The Shattered Gods(7)

The Arrival – Sumael

We arrived in the early evening during the Month fo the Beaver at the site of the Moot. Our group was smaller than I had initially imagined. Other than the Chief and his family it was only us hunters and our families. Elra, the chief’s daughter seems to be keeping an eye on me. Maybe her father has told her to watch me, since I’m still very new to the tribe and already entrusted with this important duty, maybe she’s just wary of me herself but I’ll be sure to be at my best behavior around her.

During the setup of the camp everything seemed peaceful enough but on my patrol, I found that some years ago somebody hid a small box in a hollow stump in the vicinity of the camp and already there were fresh tracks leading to and away from it. Later on, after I informed Skrub of it and he and his pet Owlgriffon had investigated it further he told me, and the others, that at least one pair of those tracks came back to our camp. He thought it to be just a box of booze that they stashed here and we left it at that since there were more important things to get to. While Deimos and Skrub went to talk to Deimos’ caretakers I and Midnight mingled with the other tribes.

I played dice with a very kind if somewhat simple, half-orc and even though the dice weren’t agreeable that evening we exchanged stories and mead aplenty. One of which I came to regret later in the night. Soon afterward the feasting began and although it was great fun the task at hand would not let us escape in merriment so easily. As soon as the food and music had come they left and a rather grumpy Pumba informed us of our options for the hunt. Earlier I had heard of a group of mammoths in the area but these were simply mundane compared to the quarries that Pumba had sought out for us. Wildermen, Banshees, Dragons – each more fantastic and obscure than the other. This land is rife with mysteries and stories alike. It took a long night of discussion and deliberation, during which we made it back to our camp, but in the end, we managed to decide on a single offering that would be satisfactory.

The next day we would pack up and get ready to hun the banshee that prowls these lands, the screaming woman that, on sight, turns people into statues of ice, brittle and cold, as they say.


Tertious on rats, elves and toy dragons


“This story begins in the small shop that we’d been sent to in order to claim the king’s gift. The shop has been torn apart into little pieces by what seems to be an animated toy dragon that was originally meant to destroy our glorious party of gladiators. Maliciously tucked away in that box it was found by the shopkeeper’s boy, Ashley. The twisted creature mangled him badly and if it wasn’t for the caring hands of Jane, the shopkeeper’s wife, and Suhn’Vel Stellar he would have certainly made his way to the afterworld. We set out to avenge this craven assassination attempt and followed the beast into the sewers. Its tracks lead us straight to what was nothing less than the nobles district. Knowing that we couldn’t proceed without getting too much-unwanted attention we returned to the shop.

We found ourselves joined by a very drunk Suhn’Vel Stellar, who obviously had better things to do then wading through dirt and murky waters. Apparently, it involved a betrothal to the king himself and the cocky as always Angus McNernan who delivered the message. As if that wasn’t already enough he told us that Falriel has been taken into custody and that the Piper was being tortured in some dungeon. And to top it all off he impersonated the Piper and acquired a new fighter to join us in the arena. An elve who goes by the name of Ark. At first glance, she doesn’t look like much, just a slender young elve with charcoal skin and long white hair. Technically I wasn’t even sure if she even was a female or not.

Anyway… While exchanging pleasantries I took a closer look at her and she seems to be brimming with kept away energy, safely secured under a masquerade of religious zeal. A single spark could be enough to let loose a storm of… well, to be quite honest I don’t know what. I guess we’re going to find out soon enough. That reminds me, Suhn’Vel Stellar gave me a taste of her firewine brew – and by a taste, I mean half a bottle that I recklessly poured down my throat in one go. Right there I could have been ‘unleashed’ by a single spark as well, I tell ya. But I’m digressing…

What happened then is almost completely beyond my understanding. (To be fair, things got a little blurry after that little crash course into the dwarvish art of brewing). What I can tell you though, is that Lucan got a new friend. I think he goes by the name of Hix and seems to be craving for Lucan’s attention, kinda weird for a ratfolk, but as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone I am okay with him staying, whatever that means. Ouro Bo’Ros must’ve been thinking differently as he buried his sword into the ratlings chest, I’m going to ask him about that later since I didn’t witness it myself. Lucan told me what happened after I woke up. Sadly I can’t spend more time writing this down currently, as we are expected to show up in the arena in a few moments.”

The Shattered Gods

Curses – McMarvin

I go away for a second and the whole world goes bananas. Dammit.
So now we’re barricaded inside Mr. Dehart’s club. Great.
Everybody seems to be going crazy, apart from Tegan. She’s apparently writing something. It must be pretty important, otherwise, she wouldn’t be writing it in this kind of situation.

Wait, what was that? Bessie? How is that even possible?
There’s a guy riding on it. He’s looking at me as if he wanted me to hurry up. Hurry up with what, exactly?
Mr. Dehart seems to know who he is.
The guy is let in and he goes straight to Mr. Dehart, who pours him a drink.
Then, the guy stops moving completely. That’s weird.
Apparently, he can see the future. Very interesting indeed.

Somebody screams.
It’s the woman from the Rhaxon family.
I try to calm her down but manage to anger her even more.
She storms out of the club.
Keeva goes out to get her, with me and Tegan following her.
Dammit, there’s one of those metallic insects above Bessie.
We push the woman inside and close the door, but it’s too late. The insect has noticed us.
It and other insects start pounding aggressively on the door.

Tegan finds some sort of keyhole in the floor and asks me to craft a key that can open it.
He must be crazy.
Since it’s an emergency, I do it anyway.
It works.
The floor opens, revealing a set of stairs going down towards a darkened room.
Tegan points out where the light switches might be, nodding towards me.
Once again, it works.
Dr. Beladou has the new guy pull a lever and push a button.
A strange vehicle stops at the side of the room we’re in.
After having removed the dead bodies, the four of us get in.
This thing is way too tight.
I have a bad feeling about this.

Shadows – McMarvin

Where were we? Right, I had just repaired some sort of lever thing.
We got inside the…thing and started moving forward in the dark.
The new guy something like “this place looks and smells real bad”.
I’m not sure it did. To be fair I was too concentrated on trying to understand how that machine worked.
The Construct decided to stop the machine we were in near a door.
In front of said door, there was a huge amount of metallic things, welded together as if somebody had tried to block the entrance.
When we entered, we understood why they might have done it. A strange creature, with its body made of metal and a severed frozen human head, attacked us.
It dealt a whole lot of damage to most of us, then blinded Keeva and tried to remove my head from the rest of the body.

(And people say I’m paranoid for no reason!! There’s your reason!)

Morden used his jacket to try and blind the creature, even if just for a couple seconds.
It worked, and we were able to climb up into an air vent.
The problem is, there was another (creepier) man-eating creature waiting for us in said vent.
The only thing we could do was follow it, so we did.

Man, in days like those I kinda wished my life would have been a little boring at times.
Well, I guess the life of an adventurer is never boring.


Day 10 – Kyrella:

FAn unnatural storm blew the adventurers into the town of Sabula village. Tempest is reunited with her mother and for a few moments, all was well in the world. Soon others notice Kyrella and Fej.
“It appears these tribespeople care nothing for myself or Fej. Fear the devil! Such a cliché.”

Tempest desires to meet with her grandmother, Miara and all were led to a small tent nearby. Inside, a small feeble looking old woman is sleeping in a chair. Nearby, slept a small Gnome with a large brown beard. The adventurers are informed that he was found barely alive at a nearby ruin that appears to be the epicenter of the unnatural storm swirling about them.

“More of Salazar’s nasty work. The murdering of innocence.”

The sleeping awake and the discussion of Mezi and Miara’s past liaisons commence. The truth of Mezi is finally spoken in the tents and Tempest is taken back with the new information.

“A child made from love taught to hate her good father because of a jealous former suitor. What sort of people chooses this for their children?

After some further discussion, it was decided that the call to Mezi should be made with information only Miara and Mezi would know. Kyrella and Fej were forced to listen to the sordid love stories.


With the ritual beginning, Fej once again declared his fear of being punished.
“Fej, my little darling, I would do nothing to bring you harm if I could prevent it. However, the world depends on this. We MUST call Mezi.”
With a bright intense light, Mezi inhabited Fej and was able to interact with Miara. He tells her that he is at Harriad Keep and that he does not have much time. Miara calls Tempest in and informs Mezi that she is his grand-daughter. He is dumb-struck, but shortly after he appears to be accosted on his end and quickly flees back to his domain.
The adventurers gather together outside and decide they must go and save Mezi at Harriad Keep but first, they must protect the people in Sabula Village. In the storm, shambling towards the town and our adventurers, are the lightning infused bodies of Monade’s previous adventuring group.
“Damn you, Salazar.”

The unnatural storm, centered around a glowing and angry looking crystal, created havoc outside. Surrounding the crystal were cultists, first thought to be the undead members of Monade’s team.

“More of Salazar’s chaotic doing. We must protect these people.”

The adventurers, with the goal of saving the village, began their assault. Tempest fired the first shot. A battle ensued and within it, Fej was harmed and sent back to his plane. Kyrella, in her rage, spent the rest of her time killing as much as possible.

“Fej, No!”

Monty, ever the brave, attacked the crystal, knowing the havoc it could produce and while she did take the brunt of the chaos, Tempest spent much of the battle trapped in a state of unwilling exercise.

“Why is she dancing and not helping kill these evil creatures!”

The chaotic magic spewed out by the crystal caused many physical deformations of Monty, but also induced the adventurers to see her as a newly turned cultist. Kyrella, still enraged by the temporary loss of her companion, made sure Monty was put down as well.

“Join these evil beings, will you?! Then I will make sure you lie with them in death!”

Luckily, Tempest’s grandmother was able to dispel the chaotic magic.

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