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Making Friends Over Birthday cake – Rowen

While we were on the boat a few things happened, one we got a new map to help us find an alchemist to help Calcifer with his little shape changing problem. Two Bessie is having some sort of break down and well we don’t have time for that even if she is the captain…. We managed to make it to the island and were greeted with flowers and a very kind gentleman named Arthur. After this, we eventually went to an amusement park to celebrate this lady’s birthday and Still Water went wild. There were rides and candy and it was very joyous. I even saw some elves…. and it made me extremely, well, homesick…. the others went to the tavern and now I’m just hiding from these elves and maybe even make some friends… Well until next time! – Rowen


Letter To Someone Who Cared – Tertius

“Today was a beautiful day, even considering what happened to me and my companions. Today was a day that I should remember for quite some time. Today I felt that there’s still someone hiding inside me, someone who has been hiding behind this coverup made off alcohol, brutality, and murder for a long time. I am not sure if I remember what he was like. Going back in time was never something I was particularly good at, and for that matter… nobody really cared about it either. The sands of time…. excuse me, the sands of the arena shaped me into what I am today. A miserable creature with the one and only purpose to spill blood and gore for the masses…. Nobody knows that better than you do. Despite the fact that I am covered in a mix of my own vomit and mead that tasted like piss, I can feel the spark again; the spark that you noticed the second we met. You gave up everything, so the spark could ignite the flame… But I turned away. I turned away like a coward because I could not see what you saw. Now and many times before I realized how wrong I was to throw away what you offered me. I don’t even know why I am writing all this, you have reason to care less than everybody else. I guess that all these letters I’m writing are a way for me to bring you back, even though I do not deserve it. Please help me to find the way back to myself. Dear Noggeth, my old friend, I wished our ways crossed once more before you had to leave this place.


A single tear runs down his cheek while he carefully stores the now sealed letter in a small box, next to dozens of other unsent letters. Noticing steps in the hallway he takes a last look at the box and quickly stores it away in his backpack.


Day 8 & 9 – Monty:

After finding a lovely bell and chime, Sprout, Kyrella, Tempest, and my self-headed out into the desert. Sprout, my father, must have pleased the gods somehow because the winds favored us through the storm that had settled upon us. We eventually found a dwarven pair, and after learning of their plight, we chose to help them. That is the right choice after all… be for that I prayed to my god… Salazar knows I am part of the game now…it saddens me that the possible loss of two fathers has driven me into battle, and a battle where I won’t win. Kyrella is curious about Sprout… I hope her curious thoughts lead to a friendship with him. Sprout is a good being.
The arrival at where the dwarves sent us had an enemy most foul. A salt demon…and gnolls. The gnolls were easy to dispense of, though I fell in battle, only to rise again. When the salt demon was felled, a black feather was found…ones I have fond memory of as a child. Ones that kept me safe at one point. Ones that I clung to…ones I keep. My thoughts are unclear…For now, we must press on.

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