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A Prisoner’s Life is the Life for Me – The Journal of Suhn’Vel Stellar:

Any common criminal would tell you that a Prison Cell is the worst fate that could befall you. I always take that as a joke. A prison cell is nothing more than a place to get a period of rest while you wait for the guards to screw up and allow you the opportunity to get away. That was my thought when they shoved me into here anyway. They took all my gear and left me my Journal and Pen, and my thoughts. They spoke of how this would probably be the last time I would get to write, though even I could tell that was such an idle threat. Alas, I could not bring myself to write. Something was wrong. I couldn’t place my fingers on what it was at first and had little time to ponder it before a Sister of Mercy stepped into the cell with me for interrogation.

I do not know what she was truly doing, it seemed strange that a Sister of Mercy was the one to interrogate me. If I was alone, If I didn’t have companions that I was working with, it would have been the easiest way to escape. All I would have needed was to put the cuffs around her neck and choke her enough to threaten the guards to let me free. But alas, doing such an action, while giving me a brief period to escape this accused arena, would doom my companions instantly as well as make me fail my mission to Lady Amana.

So I sat here and let myself be interrogated. I lied to the best of my ability, and luckily with some tips from Ouro earlier about using Falriel’s Wild Magic to pretend to augment my mind, I either convinced the Sister of Mercy that I was indeed tampered with on a mental level, and my statement couldn’t be concluded, or confused her enough to where she gave up. To be honest, at the time, I cared little for either outcome. It was just time to wait.

The only thing I hate about prison cells is how you can’t keep track of time. Was it minutes or hours, or even days before they sent someone else in? Hearing the heavy doors open, I awoke from a small rest, only to see Ouro and Lucan stepping forth into their own cells next to mine. And The Piper….He was taken elsewhere. This whole situation for them was my fault, so I couldn’t bring myself to talk to either of my companions. I just sat there and waited. But something was sideways, I felt. Why was The Piper taken away from the rest of us? He was still apart of our team…

Suddenly I heard Lucan talking in a weird form of language, one that I did not recognize. It sounded very much like mumbling of a madman, but I could not look at Lucan from my cage. I glanced at Ouro and saw a look of small content. I kept to myself, but I figured that they had a plan for us to get out of here. The waiting continues.

Then my heart stopped. I had never felt a fear like this before. I woke to the Royal Castle Guards at my cell. These men and women, gleaming in armor that the common soldier would be jealous of. I knew them. Anyone who had any sense at all, after that Mad King took over, KNEW THEM! These were his Elites. These were executioners. I got up when I was told and I didn’t dare look at the others, and just prayed that they kept their mouths’ shut in this situation. Upon lining up, I am thankful I was in the front. They would have seen true fear from me. They were taking us to a prison, said to be almost impossible to escape from. No one ever has, and often do not live long enough to try a second time.

Lucan cracking a wise joke. Was he a bloody moron? Or did he just not understand the situation we were in. I wanted to beg for all our lives at that point. I was expecting to have those blades pierce into me, and maybe they would have until we all heard it. A familiar voice in an unfamiliar tone. The Jester, Angus, ordering these guards to return us to our cells. It was a sight to behold, the Elites of the Mad King, obeying the orders of an absolute Lunatic.

I counted my seconds, my minutes. I didn’t know what was to happen. Fear took a hold of my whole body, and it took every ounce of strength to hide it all away. And even more so to hide it when the Jester came to my cell and said, “You are free, under my ownership.”I couldn’t tell what emotion I was feeling. Anger? Fear? Happiness? Lucky? It was such a wide mess and all I could do was hold up my hands to ask the cuffs be removed, only to be assured that they will be once we were out of this situation. I just closed my eyes and stepped out with him. Under the ownership of the Jester huh… Something about this felt better. Something was tugging at my mind that the Piper pulled some strings, and potentially ratted us out. My anger only grew when Falriel refused to keep her mouth shut and had little understanding of the situation we were put in. I covered her mouth, but I resisted the urge to suffocate her then and there. Even though the child bit me.

The Jester as our new coach and sponsor… Even through all my anger and hatred, I can feel that this is going to bring us closer to the Mad King than being with the blasted Piper. All I needed was a reason to put an arrow through that man, and now I believe I have one. The Jester doesn’t need to know our goal, only needs to know we plan to see the Mad King. But I— (The pen mark suddenly jolts off the page she was writing on, a streak of ink following the path.)

Apparently, we are apart of a game together, and The Jester is showing that with this stupid hat on my head… I just need to remember my goal and push through all this. That’s all I need now.
Signed: Suhn’Vel Aramathine Stellar

The Shattered Gods

The Funeral Gone Wrong by Keeva

The City had shown up for a King they barely tolerated in life. Deheart hid away as we, McMarvin, Jasper, and myself sought his contact. After much debate, and an attempt to use a child to get said contact, I ended up throwing a Jellybaby at him. A performance of a lifetime went into that throw. Eventually, he wandered over and upon making our way back to Deheart….stuff of nightmares appeared. The rise of the Sun Demon. I had never seen something so terrible in my life, and I work for the Whisper Network. We were outgunned, outmanned, and we had to flee, leaving Max to her fate. Now we must focus on uniting our two factions…its the only way we can survive this.


Day 8 – Tempest:

It is an odd thing, that I should feel such concern for Sandcarver as he lays on his deathbed. He is just my employer after all and though we have been traveling with him for what must be a few weeks…..I have reason to be thankful to him. For a few years now, my only purpose has been traveling the desert and guiding those who would not survive without someone adept at finding their way through the wastes. Now I feel like there is a higher purpose, as cliche as that sounds, as we are fighting to save the world.

I must say, the situation between Sandcarver, his daughter Elise and Monty has made me feel rather emotional. I understand that Elise feels betrayed and abandoned by Sandcarver, only to find out he adopted another and put so much more of his time and energy into her. It is a knife in the heart to discover such things. I would have thought Monty could have had more tact with the heartbreak she has caused.

Whilst fetching medicine for Sandcarver, Kyrella brought back an interesting looking Turtle by the name of Sprout. He seems pleasant enough and seems to know Sandcarver very well. Despite the emotional turmoil in the room, we all have our reasons for not wanting Sandcarver to die. He is the pinion on which this entire mission balances on. He is what we need to understand Salazar’s motives – and we all know for sure that Sandcarver still has not told us everything he knows.

Elise is not the only one he incessantly keeps secrets from….

Then it was my turn to receive a knife in the heart. It seems, thanks to information from Sprout and our talking book Torna that he and Sandcarver know of the Genies…..and one in particular it seems. Of course, it is Mezi, the one my tribe curses the name of. It seems he may be our only hope of saving Sandcarver, on top of being what is needed to let Kyrella return home. It seems he likes to have his fingers in all the pies……except the one that involves his granddaughter. The group foolishly seem to think that I am the one who can help us find him, to which I reminded them that he has never shown a single shred of interest in my life and I’m convinced he may not even know I exist.

Still, if it will save Sandcarver (and by extension save the world) as well as help Kyrella return home…..then I will lead our group to my people. Maybe, my grandmother, Ronalla will have some of the information we seek, though I know it will hurt her to speak of him.

Before leaving, Ash informs us that he has helped secure the camels we need to travel the desert and hands over the two magical items he and Jezza were holding. They are to stay in Gnerome and see to the business within the city whilst the rest of us go seeking answers elsewhere. I hope they stay safe and that the heart of Gnerome is as much of a sanctuary as the Jester and Mr. Sandcarver believe it to be.

May the Old Ones bless our paths…..we are going to need it.

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