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The Secret Diary of Glory

Dear Diary,

It was the damnedest thing. There I was about to be ambushed by a swarm of rats for trying to look at a white rat behind a curtain, the next thing I know I come out of a blackout in the woods. Around me sit the doctor, a snake guy, Keo’s granddaughter and a rat guy, now that I think about it, that might be the same rat guy I was trying to look at when I got attacked, perhaps they drugged me, regardless I may want to be on the lookout for his friends as I have definitely seen him many times over this very strange day.

After some time my good buddy Keo does not return to the camp, I get to thinking that the rat people may have got to him this time, so through my expert tracking skills I figure out which direction he went and we are off (don’t listen to the snake, he did not know the right way to Keo)

When we get a clearing with classic scorched earth reckoning that is always left in Keo’s wake, we find a magic bit that is not activated. The group discusses how to turn it on so we may find our friend, but they start to bore me so I decide to troubleshoot the magic with my hammer, and it worked! (and they say I’m not smart… SUCK IT, little orc-elf girl)

The now opened portal takes us to a place that is falling apart, like a city just after a great battle, such a beautiful sight. We have to start running as the place is crumbling around us, and as luck we have we ran into Keo, and he had made new friends (but they are not as good a friend to Keo as I am, I mean, they aren’t awesome heroes that break into falling worlds to save their best friends)

These little goth people are kinda cool though, they did take us to an old tower that our other friends were able to turn on ( I guess they are pretty smart too. The orc-elf can still suck it!) As the snake and rat man are starting up the tower to take us home the doctor, Keo, and I do something that is very different to the way we normally do things, we tried saving other people, I’m pretty sure we got everyone because we are awesome heroes. Just as I’m pulling what I am sure is the last people in a lightning bolt hits Keo and… Dammit, I think I blacked out again…


Misery and the Guardian – Drathor

Made a fool of by a massive animated ice sculpture and a flighty bird-folk that I’m fairly certain is younger than the shirt on my back.

Bessie, the zombified first mate makes demands and thinks she can bark orders and get what she wishes when she is completely obsolete and I already see the fires of mutiny in the eyes of half the party. Apparently, she gave clear instructions at some point, I’ve actively dismissed everything she said thus far so I missed that key detail while we were ending the devil-gnome creature. One of us agreed to get the Ironwood lumber she spoke of and return before the ship sank though.

We stumbled back towards the mountain en route to the Ironwood trees when night fell, we were spared the wrath of the crystal lighthouse this night but insidious as The Old One’s servant is it still sent spies out. When Zesha woke me for my watch she explained that “The icy trailsss, do not worry about them” and curled up where I had been resting, I immediately grew suspicious and followed the trails despite the snake’s warning, too trusting of the crystal I decided. A few scavenged weapons and Tiefling body parts were also slowly thawing near the fire as I set off and eschewed my watch, a shortsword caught my eye but the crystal guardian took priority.

They lead up to the center of the Island, I recovered a few essentials we might need to fell the Ironwood trees, the devil’s Golden Axe, a small log I could carry under one arm and the golden door-knocker I desired. Not happy with how I left things with the crystal I went to sort out our disagreement and put it in its place. It didn’t understand how poor of a guardian it was and even denied sending out little sprites to watch us, I thought if I offered it something it would leave us be but it just kept one “What are you? Tell me of your nature” and such. Left it Bessie’s thumb, thought they would get along and this thing would calm down a bit being a little less lonely.

Eventually catching up with the rest of the group I saw Rowan trying to fell some of the Ironwood trees, I handed over the Golden Axe (After a very persuasive argument Zesha) and she felled two more. Around this time I asked to see the shortsword of the frozen tiefling, apparently it had some infernal words on it, but Drathor wanted to keep it safe himself instead. Zesha had done a little cooking and offered me some of the meat she had roasted, I didn’t hesitate to try some but soon regretted it.

The Tiefling flesh was odd tasting, but worse was the booming voice that rang through my mind “Child, Destroy the crystal, you are mine and I your father” it bellowed. I knew not what manner of creature speaks this way but I saw sense it destroying the crystal anyways and if it may also win me a boon from whatever contacted me all the better.

I sought answers on what spoke to me and what the runes on the shortsword meant from the little Ink Devil we had freed, as I questioned him though he panicked and shouted for aid as he teleported away I accidentally almost took his head off… Should he have simply answered my questions he might have had one scar fewer.

After this Drathor took charge and stopped the group’s madness for a moment, he flew off to speak with Bessie and establish the best way we could get what we needed and leave the island, warning others of the dread guardian that watches over it. The best way to do this would be affixing a flag atop the lighthouse the crystal resided. When he returned we agreed to take the logs back to the ship and that, void knows why he would retrieve Bessie’s thumb.

I slipped away from Stillwater, Rowan, and Zesha as they carried the lumber towards the beachhead and followed Drathor, I can’t travel as the crow flies so it took quite a while. I heard him rooting around and planned to sneak up on him and take the infernal shortsword, I suspected it had the power to damage this crystal. Wingbeats told me my ambush would fail and I quickly scaled the tower to try and catch Drathor unaware as he was mounting the flag, sending my shadow next to the crystal to strike when the moment was right. I saw the crystal had somehow sprouted a great eye and called out “What are you doing back here? It roared” but I needed a weapon before I dealt with it, one with more essence to it than the blades I carried.

I dove into Drathor’s flank and trying to swipe the shortsword, he managed to spin out of the way and hovered in the air as I fell. I called out to him “Save me!” anything to draw his attention and give me another chance, I’d already ruined so much to even attempt this and I knew not what failure could cost me. I swapped places with my shadow ignored the crystal’s whimpering and tried to tackle Drathor to the ground once more, with only a handful of feathers I fell before the crystal, no magical shortsword at hand and accepted my fate, I closed my eyes and whispered sorry to Drathor before we were frozen forever.

And yet nothing, we fell into the sea at the shore of the island the rest of the party looking onwards. I have no idea why the crystal spared me but everything it seemed to do was alien and illogical to me, maybe it preferred freezing innocents and parrots.

We set out for the Isle of Janoth home of the Yuan-Ti or so I’m told, maybe Zesha will have some insight and be able to guide us, would be a welcome change to being guided by the ravings of that old lunatic Belgin.

May also gain the forgiveness of the party for endangering their lives, running off during my watch and assaulting Drathor. Regardless as long as that voice is quiet I’m happy to defer to the others, everything I try in this world seems to end with me imprisoned anyway.

Thrice curse The Old Ones.


Healing Words – Falriel

Now that was a weird day! First I get put into a weird room with stones, where Tertius nearly cripples himself, then we get to fight a wave of monsters, solely because I pushed a button, and then we nearly get eaten by the undead. And to top it all off, I forgot how to speak my mother’s tongue. Not that I’d know my mother, but you know, the thought is what counts.

That damn maniac, (Insert Jester Name here) tried to talk to me, but let me tell you, I didn’t understand a word he said until he started screeching at me. I didn’t know he spoke Screech. I should learn Screech, it’s a wonderful language! Anyways, I am getting carried away!

The Jester sent me to the Sisters of Mercy, where some weird angry woman told me I was blowing her cover, whatever she meant by that. She gave me a headache, and then I could speak my normal languages again! Let me tell you, I don’t wanna do THAT again!

Well, Lucan and your’s truly are off to find the other, I have a feeling they will just get into trouble without me to supervise them….

The Shattered Gods

Secrets in the Weave by Tegan

This lab has something to do with the Rhaxon family. I don’t know what, and I certainly don’t know why FISCHUR led us here, but I’m willing to bet I can use whatever I can find here. R.H.A.X.O.N….

These people can’t see us for some reason. They can’t see us, but I can see them. This paper has ‘DNA’ and ‘genetics’ labeled all over it, I wonder if Dr. Bernard Beladoux can help… Dr. A. Magai? This letter is addressed to Dr. A. Magai. That means that he was right! On some level, we were right. Who is this? How is Magai involved here?

Judging from the Numenera here, and the fashion tendencies, this isn’t another space. This is another time. We’re in the past, and Magai is involved in a lab experiment related to the Rhaxon family. Not the family… it’s an acronym. The family took their name from this lab, from this project. What is going on here? There’s so much to find out, and the Sun Demon was right behind us. I need to start.

There’s a woman in a chamber of water, receiving injections, lowering herself… human experiments. To what end? Is that a gem? Crystals? Growing on her skin. Just like Jasper. Jasper’s noticed he’s watching her like he wants to know if that’s where he got his abilities from.

Wait, that means mine might have come from – FISCHUR reactivated, but it doesn’t have Dr. Bernard Beladoux with him. It must be a unit from this time instead of ours. It must know about the project then!

There’s a knock on the door, the Sun Demon is here and she’s taunting us. The others want to hurry, but I need more time.
“R.H.A.X.O.N. project is an attempt at surpassing mortality through crystalline structures… it was successful, but not with that woman. It was successful because of the family. They’re using the results of the project, storing themselves in crystal to extend their lives infinitely. Abilities like that could help so many people, and they’re hiding them for themselves.

She’s begun breaking down the door, I still need more time. I can unravel these AI, I can figure out how to stop all of them if I can find out who Dr. Magai is – NO! WHY WOULD YOU TAKE HIM FROM ME!

What am I supposed to do now? He’s gone and she’s breaking down the door. I lost my best shot at finding out who Magai really is, who is behind that AI everyone worships. I was so close, and now it’s gone.


Day 8 – Jezza:

Where to begin? So much tragedy… Sandcarver might be dying. I have an awkward fan, but he seems harmless, not smarmy at least (small blessings). Got screwed over by Gimmel with fine print, stupid Notaries, I now have a gold band that will make me suffer on my wrist. My mom killed a bunch of people, my home is wrecked from all the death, my dads a bit of a coward, our family reputation is diminishing faster than I can write this…. but… I have a Teddy Bear. Monty seems to be feeling a lot of unpleasant stuff… lord help anyone who royally ticks her off. Kyrella must think Gnerome is insane, and honestly, it is a mess. People missing, the markets are unstable… nothing makes sense to me. There’s little logic left, everything could very well be futile. Jeeze this is depressing. Stop the world, let me off.

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